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What Is Madhubani Paintings? Everything You Need to Know

Everything you need to know about Madhubani Paintings

Paintings have been the most famous symbol of past creativity, beliefs, religion, and rituals followed by ancient cultures. Today, we will be reading about one of those renowned art known as ‘Madhubani.’

The Most Beautiful Art of India – Madhubani Art Style

The frescos and miniature art style, the Madhubani, is the most popular, mesmerizing, and decadent art of India, where the drawing is divided into vertical and horizontal sections, and the subject’s eyes are painted in the end.

These paintings represent the beauty of spirituality, religion, affection, and the holistic universe.

Let us know more exciting things about it.

What is the history of Madhubani Art?

Madhubani is an ancient Indian traditional art that originated in the state of Bihar from a region named Maithili. Usually, women used craft this art, and sometimes is looked upon as the symbol of richness, love, and prosperity.

It is known that the art was developed at the birthplace of Goddess Sita, and the King ordered illustrations to celebrate this ceremony of his daughter and Rama. Therefore, Madhubani art was incepted from the times of Mahabharat.

Besides, it also has the name of Mithila, the place in Bihar, India, where this cultural art was invented.

What is Madhubani Art?

Madhubani Art is an ancient form of painting (centuries older) made with bright, dark, engaging, and vibrant colors to represent folk and culture with beauty. The drawings consist of several materials that collectively result in the most eye-catchy frames of the centuries.

Madhubani or Maithili art gained massive popularity after the marriage ceremony of Shri Ram and Sita. Locals and people around the region started painting similar things, and many used to decorate their homes with these traditional paintings.

How are Madhubani Paintings made?

In the past, these were crafted using tiny daily things such as matchsticks, broken china dishes, clay, nibs, sticks, bones, stones, leaves, twigs, brushes, etc. More dedicated women must have used cotton rags and bamboo, while the empty spaces were filled with small icons of birds, stars, flowers, clouds, animals, etc.

A thick paste of mud and animal dung was used as the base for the Madhubani art. All the drawing was done on its upper layer, followed by essential steps. On the other hand, a proper canvas, drawing sheets, fabric, wood, and many materials can be used as the base for the art.

Madhubani Painting – Representation of Deities

Artists created specific Hindu deities in different types of this art, including Lord Rama, Shiva, Krishna, Durga, and Saraswati. And therefore, even nowadays, people are devoted much to this particular work. People used to involve nib pens, sticks, and fingers to create colorful figures to form distinctive objects in these art forms.

The paintings were so uniquely made by keeping passion, spirituality, fertility, and love in mind; therefore, the art is held in the places where God is worshiped, in guest rooms, in the bride’s room, and was highly used for the occasional decoration. Also, I know that women used to pray to God before making the art for its success and God’s accompany in the task.

Mithila Art Themes – Illustrations of Madhubani Drawing

There are many themes in Madhubani paintings – they can be related to religion, nature, god, animals, celebrations, love and lust, traditions, and rituals.

Women create each theme with complete devotion remembering the lord at every stroke of the art. It also includes various Hindu traditions, myths, and festive cultural scenes whose purpose was to connect the World to religion and hope.

According to an Archer: the theme of this painting was divided into two types:

The first one was the God, where the art representation was related to the blessings of different Gods to married couples. While the second type has symbols of various natural elements and animals are made, such as the sun, the moon, the elephant, the fish, and more. They hoped to bring more love, hope, and good fortune to young people in love.

Colors of Madhubani Indian Art

Back then, the shades were extracted from the plants such as banyan, Kusum, Applewood tree, oak, marigold, Palash, and many more trees, leaves, and plants. Sometimes cow dung and milk were also added for the pigmented colors.

Additionally, nowadays, all the paint color mediums can be used to paint this beautiful drawing.

Many talented artists use acrylic and oil paints on canvas to bring about the alluring representations of the rich-textured Madhubani/ Mithila Art of India.

  • Burnt jawar, kajal, cow dung: for black
  • Turmeric and clashed leaves: for yellow
  • Palash: for orange
  • Kusum: for red
  • Bilva leaf: for green

Shapes used in Madhunai Cultural Art

Shapes like triangles, circles, and squares are often seen in the Mithila art forms, and they have their special purpose; we will know what:

  • A triangle = the fire
  • An inverted triangle = the water
  • Square = the earth
  • Circle = the air

The popularity of Madhubani Paintings from India to the World

Madhubani paintings are classy and royal as they are painted with rich colors. The commercialization of Madhubani art began when a foreigner asked a woman painter to draw the same Mithila painting so he could take it to his country and show his people, which was a great catch.

These days, artists worldwide take great inspiration from this thoughtfully beautiful art. Countries like the USA, Rome, Germany, France, and Japan have benefited greatly from this Indian painting style for the last several years. Also, in Japan, a museum is specially named after this expensive art style.

Styles of Madhubani Painting Art

  • Kachni
  • Bharni
  • Godna
  • Kohbar
  • Geru

The Conclusion

Madhubani art is uniquely made and crafted by professionals over the World.

This artwork typically belongs to India and has vibrant colors, detailed work, and beautiful designs. It is well known that this artwork originates in the state of Bihar and is started by women.

Today, India’s best ancient art is now highly appreciated. Many luxurious restaurants and famous museums display these art and craft works to attract visitors.

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