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What Is Digital Painting?

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Digital painting is the artwork created digitally on a tablet or a computer. This process can be done using different brushes much like a traditional painting. Many artists are using digital painting as it is cheaper for long-term use and also has necessity in the world of illustration, 2D game art, and animation.

If you are doing painting already then it becomes easy for you to get into digital painting. It needs only two things which are:-

1. A Drawing Tablet

2. Painting Software

The artist knows the painting techniques, he has to use that skills to create his own painting directly on the computer.

All the digital painting software are furnished with a canvas and a vast palette of colors and are designed to reproduce in a more precise way the technique and the stroke of real physical instruments like a wide range of brushes, pastels, charcoal or nibs, pencils, but also the modern means which is airbrushing.

The computer graphics software is also immensely flexible, as they allow you to create your own brushes based on combining the texture and shapes, desired style that you like.

Some of the famous artists of digital painting around the world, such as Max Kostenko, Linda Berkvist, Albert Whitlock, Norman Dawn, Craig Mullins, and Marc Simonetti who made the famous covers of Game of Thrones.

The Best Painting Style: Traditional or Digital

Some people consider digital art as not the ‘real art’ as digital art is faster, easier, or just different. But that’s not true digital art needs lots of concentration, hard-working, time, and focus even if the graphic software has lots of tools and techniques to use for creating paintings. Digital software characteristics are:-


  • Transparency
  • Sharp, bold appearance
  • Exact repetition
  • Perfect circles, squares, and other shapes
  • Perfectly smooth gradients
  • 100% monochrome color planes
  • Embossing, shading, and other 3D illusion
  • Absence of brushstroke
  • Slalom or flip forms
  • Effects of automatic transformations (swirl, shear, ripple, mirror, multiply, etc).

Digital art is the upgraded version of traditional art that uses a computer as a tool. The experiments are unlimited. But at the same time, traditional artwork is considered to be worth more than digital files due to its authenticity and uniqueness.

In this modern era, digital paintings are now present in every field and used in several fields of application starting from illustration for advertising to book covers, from video games to movies, from commercials to comics. Digital art is the real boom in the entertainment sector which become so popular in recent years.

Some of The Best Digital Software Are:-

1. Adobe Photoshop 

2. Krita

3. Procreate

4. Gimp

5. Clip Studio Paint Pro

6. ArtRage

7. Art Studio Pro (macOS and iOS)

8. Corel Painter

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