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What is Diamond Painting?

Diamond Painting ideas 2021

The creativity and shining feature represented by the word “Diamond Painting”. Basically, it is a mosaic art form that is used by the painter to create a painting with the combination of cross stitch and paint by numbers.


Diamond painting is kind of a therapeutic and enjoyable craft for wannabe artists where age does not matter for them. The concept of painting with diamonds appears to have originated in Asia but swiftly spread to Europe and now it is quite a popular craft in Russia.


In other parts of the world, people know Diamond Painting as diamond art, mosaic art, diamond stitch, paint with diamonds, or diamond embroidery.


The Type of Diamond Painting Kit includes:-

Full Drill Kit

Partial Drill Kit

Multi-Panel Kit

Using these different kinds of kits painter creates a painting by sticking small resins that sparkle like diamonds on a canvas that has relative numbers printed by all the colors of the diamonds.


Diamond Painting is a fairly fun innovative activity easy to learn for all age groups. You can take a picture and split it into a grid pattern that’s printed on canvas.


By positioning a combination of small diamond-like gems known as diamond drills over the grid pattern you recreate the beautiful art and give it an entirely new dimension.


Diamond Painting Instructions:-

Creating your diamond art painting is a straightforward, just simple three-step process which is as follow:-

Dip the nib of the applicator tool into the strip of wax.


Pick up each diamond by pressing the applicator to the diamond’s rounded, faceted side.


Apply each of the diamonds to the adhesive canvas template, positioning it according to the color-coded chart.


Using these simple steps make it easy even for beginners to make up their own diamond painting like a pro.


The crystalline diamonds give a very mesmerizing look to the painting acquire the glimpse of everyone who is watching it.


All the diamonds all together create an elegant painting that sparkles like real diamonds. This kind of art always keeps you busy and you will get a good experience of doing something new and interesting.


Steps to Make A Dimond Painting


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