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What Is Acrylic Painting?

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what is acrylic painting

The acrylic painting uses acrylic paint which is used in the 1950s as a synthetic resin to bind pigments.


Acrylic paints can be used thickly or thinly depending on how much water is added to them, it can resemble a watercolor or an oil painting.


Acrylic paint is waterproof once it has dried properly. Because of its versatility and the characteristics of dries quickly it becomes one of the most popular painting mediums and is widely used by artists.


The most popular 20th-century artists who used acrylic paint are Pop artists Andy Warhol, Colour field artists Mark Rothko, Ellsworth Kelly, Barnett Newman, Roy Lichtenstein, Op artist Bridget Riley, and British artist David Hockney.


Why Acrylics Are So Special?

Acrylic paints have lots of qualities that make them persistent to use by artists to make their best work. Some of the acrylic paint key points are:-

  1.  They flex.
  2. They dry quickly(10-12 minutes for thin application, longer for thick applications) you can layer up onto the colors
  3. You can wash them up with water when wet.
  4. They come in a range of consistencies and formats to suit you you can easily make a painting with different textures of your choice.
  5. And they are permanent when dry.
  6. They work across styles and techniques including experimental applications to traditional painting styles.
  7.  They stick to almost any surface as you can paint anywhere.
  8.  They are low odor, without fumes, and are non-flammable.
  9.  You can change their character using mediums.


Types Of Acrylic Paint

Craft Paint

Craft paint is the perfect paint for crafting. It has cream-like consistency and can be painted on any kind of surface. It is used in actual art practice.


Student Grade Paint

Student grade paint is much higher in quality than the craft paint and allowing you to play and mix paint with excellent results. It has a thicker consistency which is very close to artist quality heavy body paint but a little softer.


Artist Quality Acrylic Paint

Artist quality acrylic paint is absolutely top quality paint you can purchase. the price of artist quality paint is determined by pigments as this paint is loaded with pigments.


Heavy Body Paint

Heavy body paint has a consistency that spreads smoothly with a brush or pallet knife. You can make it thinner but remember not to add too much fluid medium or water also paint holds brush marks and peaks.


Soft Body Paint

Soft body paint also known as fluid paints contains the consistency of heavy cream which is craft paint but a little thinner. Fluid paint has a nature to cover its own previous layers. You can cover up your mistakes while doing a painting with fluid paints.


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