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What Is A Sand Painting?

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Sand painting

Sand painting is also known as Dry painting. These paintings are presented as symbolic pictures which are prepared by trickling small quantities of charcoal, colored, crushed sandstone, pollen, or other dry materials in yellow, white, blue, black, and red hues on a background of clean and smoothed sand.


Around 600 different pictures are known, consisting of several representations of deities, lightning, rainbows, animals, plants, and other symbols that narrate in the chants that follow various rites. In healing, a particular painting is being selected and left to the curer.


Beginning with the completion of the picture, the patient perch in the center of the painting, and sand from the painting is put on to the different parts of the body. As soon as the ritual is completed, the painting is destroyed.


Sand painting is a really fun activity, especially for kids. They love to play with sand and make different pictures, paintings with it by adding lots of several colors to it.


When your kids have holidays from school you can make them busy by making sand painting rather than sitting ideal or get bored in a home. To do the sand painting you need:-

  • Plastic yogurt containers or empty jars.
  • Powdered tempera paints in a diversity of colors.
  • Sand(from the beach or from the playground.
  • Paper, pencils, popsicle sticks, and glue.
  • Plastic spoons and a plastic or styrofoam tray.


Procedure To Do Sandpainting:-

1. Draw out a simple or easy picture on your paper. So, you can do sand painting easily.


2.  Once the pencil sketch is complete, pour some sand into an empty jar. Select a color of powdered tempera and add just a bit to the dry sand.

You will get surprising results while mixing the sand and the tempera to see how little or how much tempera you need. To get more vibrant colors to add more tempera.


3. Once there are few colors of sand mixed up, the painting can be started. You need to begin with one small section at a time. Firstly choose where the color is going, put an even layer of glue on the paper, and pour some colored sand onto the glue using a plastic spoon.


4.Repeat the process until the whole paper get covered.


5. Let the sand painting dry properly and settle it by using either hair spray, artist’s fixative, or spray it with a mixture of glue and water(80% glue, and 20% water).


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