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What Is a An Easel?

What Is a An Easel?

If you do not know what is an easel, then this article is for you, we have told you everything about it, as well as its types.

An easel is a kind of wooden instrument used by artists to grip the canvas in the right position while doing the painting or to display a work of art.

You can choose an easel that suits you better in the terms of the medium of use, painting style, and budget.

Why do you need an easel?

  • You can go step back and clearly view your creative artwork from distance. Of course, you cannot do this thing if your artwork is lying down on the table.
  • It is a good way to keep you in posture.
  • It gives you a full chance to work in the right gesture of your arm and body, rather than just a limited movement of your wrist.
  • You can also change your angle at the easel which can be vertically or horizontally so that your painting slanting towards or away from you.
  • Depending on the style of an easel you are using, it allows you to do on-location Plein air painting.
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There are different types of easels are available, that are mentioned below:-

  • H-frame easel
  • A-frame easel
  • Giant easel
  • Convertible easel
  • Single mast easel
  • Tabletop easel
  • French easel
  • Display easel

A-frame easel

  • A three-legged easel consists of two at the front and one at the back. This kind of easel is portable and economical but lacks stability.
  • Suitable for beginners level to professional artists.
  • Does not have in-built storage for painting products.
  • Frequently used for painting Plein air
  • It can handle small to large artworks depends on the size of the easel and is also available at an affordable option, depending on the size of the easel.

H-frame easel

  • A famous option for a studio easel.
  • Strong but lacks portability. The easel comes with a wheel you can easily move the easel in the studio but it is bulky and large.
  • Suitable for beginners level artists to a professional level.
  • It can handle small to large artworks.

Giant easel

  • This easel is specially made for handling large artwork. As it can handle artworks between 85” to 120” tall.
  • It is extremely solid enough to support the heavy canvas frame.
  • This easel is the expensive one.

Convertible easel

  • This easel convert between a standard upright easel and a horizontal, tabletop easel. This makes it easy for artists to work in different mediums.
  • The upright position is good for oils and acrylics, although a more horizontal position is used for watercolors, pastels, and drawing.
  • It can handle small to large artwork depends on the size of an easel.
  • It comes within-built storage for art supplies.

Single mast easel

  • Smaller designs are the best entry-level easel for beginners. Larger designs are suitable for more advanced artists seeking a genuine studio easel.
  • Lacks the stability of the H-frame easel. Basically designed for studio use( but lacks portability).
  • It does not come with in-built storage for art tools and supplies

Tabletop easel

  • It allows you to work in a sitting posture at a desk.
  • It can be used for drawing or painting
  • Usually comes with an in-built storage
  • Solid and compact
  • Available in the form of H-frame, A-frame, and single mast designs. 

French easel

  • It is a tabletop easel with three legs which is the most preferable choice for Plein air painting. It is portable and comes with in-built storage.
  • In this easel, there is a lack of stability.

Display easel

  • This easel can be used for display purposes only – not for painting.
  • A prime and perfect way to display artwork
  • It lacks stability but is generally portable depending on the design
  • It is useful for art galleries wanting to display a feature piece.

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