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Best Paint Brush for Beginners Artist | Types and Shapes of Paint Brushes

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best paint brushes 2021

I am an artist, and I know the importance of a Paintbrush because, for an artist, a paintbrush is a whole and sole partner for a lifetime, so selecting the Right Paint Brush is the essential task for an artist.

Artist is known for the cleanliness and beauty of the painting he draws or creates with a Paintbrush’s help.

Selecting a Paintbrush is the most challenging task for an artist because he puts all his efforts into drawing a painting.

Types of Paint Brushes and Shapes

A new artist has a vast Choice Available in Paintbrushes. You can select from a website or market nearly available to you. Hence, here is a useful guide about which paintbrush is the best for you to use as an artist.

There are various Paint Brushes available in the market of different sizes and shapes that are suitable for your painting. Here are the multiple paintbrushes that artists use.

1. Round Shape Paint
2. Flat Shape
3. Bright Shape
4. Filbert Shape
5. Fan Shape
6. Angle Shape
7. Mop Shape
8. Rigger Shape
9. Stippler and Deer-Foot
10. Stippler
11. Liner Shape
12. Scripts Shape
13. Egbert Shape
14. Sumi Shape
15. Hake Shape
16. Spotter Shape


You are an artist than you, we have faced problems while cleaning.

Our paint brushes worsen when we forget our brushes during painting or after painting. So We should always follow these steps to follow while making a painting.

Firstly if you are making an oil painting then you should always keep an oil brush cleaner near you;

If you are making a watercolor painting or acrylic painting, then there should be a bowl of water near you to clean the brush So that the paint on the brush does not get dry.

Secondly, you always keep tissue paper near you to clean your brush with tissue paper. Tissue paper Is very soft, So it does not cause any damage or harm to the paintbrush.

Lastly, when you have done your Paint job, make sure that you clean your paintbrush correctly. You can wash your paintbrush effectively with the help of boiling water.

Keep your brush in boiling water for 2 to 3 minutes that will help to get rid of the hardened paint that is stuck on the hair follicles of the brush.

Then you need to clean the Paintbrushes with the help of tissue paper, this will make the paintbrushes dry, and you can again use them again effectively and create a new masterpiece with the help of the same paintbrush.

I hope you love my methods of cleaning up a paintbrush correctly and entirely.


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