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Step by Step Princess Drawing and 10+ Drawing Ideas

Step Princess Drawing and 10+ Drawing Ideas

Remember the princess Tiana who kissed a frog and turned him into a handsome prince? It must have seemed fascinating to you, right?

We all have grown up watching Disney princesses on TV and reading their stories in books.

So today we will draw one such royal princess on our sheet. Come on; now grab your pencil and canvas to greet the princess.   

How to Draw A Princess– Let’s Start!

Step 1 — Draw the head of the princess

We will first start by drawing a circle in the center of the page.

Step 2 — Draw the hairline inside the head

Next, we will outline the hairline of the princess. For this, we need to just stretch a curved line starting from one point of the circle.

Make a peak somewhere near the right-hand side and then stretch the same curved line downwards joining it to the opposite point on the circle.     

Step 3 — Draw the long hair

In order to draw the princess’s hair, we will just make an irregular closed shape covering half of the outer periphery of the circular head and then extend a bit below the circle as shown in the picture below. 

Step 4 — Draw two ears

We need to just draw a pea-sized semi-circle outside the circle in the middle. Draw a similar semi-circle on the opposite side too.

Step 5 — Add the special crown

Draw a small horizontal line and extend two vertically slanted lines from two endpoints of it.

Now make a zig-zag structure with three pointed peaks and join them with the open ends of the slanted lines from both sides. and draw crown  

Step 6 — Draw the neck and the shoulders

The next step is to draw the neck and the shoulders of the princess. For this, we need to draw a small vertical line just below the head in the middle of the circle and then elongate the line forming sharp curves.

Next, we need to mirror the exact same drawn structure as shown in the picture below. 

Step 7 — Draw the princess’s royal gown

We need to first make the upper portion of the gown. We can start by drawing a cup-like structure with two slanted lines joined by a horizontal line below.

 On the upper side, we can draw a small inside curve to form the neckline.

Then we will draw two elongated balloon-like structures separated at a distance from each other.

Next, we will draw an irregularly shaped quadrilateral to form the flared portion of the gown. Draw curves freehand instead of using straight lines.   

Step 8 — Add hands and palms

We need to draw two thin pipes-like structures heading downwards to the waist of the princess. The hands need to be drawn in a stretched manner.

Draw a pointed v-shape structure at the ends of the hands to form palms and thumb as shown in the picture below.

Step 9 — Add eyes, nose, and mouth

Draw two pea-sized ovals inside the face below the hairline. Draw two very small circles in it and fill the entire eye except for the smaller circle with a black sketch. Add eyelashes on both eyes.

Draw two arcs of two different sizes with the smaller one above the large one. This would form the nose and small smiling lips of the princess.

Draw two red spots on the cheeks to add details.

Step 10 — Fill in the colors and bring the princess to life!

Now fill the brown color in the hair and color the gown red. Fill a bright yellow color in the crown and color the rest of the body with a cream or skin shade color. 


We hope you enjoyed drawing the princess following our 10-step guide.

For drawing some more complicated pictures in quick and easy steps do visit our website and follow us on social media.  

10+ Princess drawing ideas for beginners

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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