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Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Simple Flower?

How To Draw Simple Flower Drawing

What is the one thing that comes to your mind when thinking about a soothing beauty? A flower, right?

A flower also known as a bloom or a blossom is a reproductive organ found in flowering plants.

There are plenty of flowers found in this world, each having some distinct qualities and coming in varieties of pretty Colors and structures and that’s the reason behind their attractiveness.

Are you someone who loves flowers but finds difficulty when thinking of drawing them? If yes, welcome to this step-by-step guide which will surely help you to master your drawing skills and you will be able to draw a flower in no time.

We hope that you will have a great and fun time working with us on this step-by-step guide on how to draw a simple flower!

How to draw a simple flower – let’s get started!

Step 1- let’s begin with the outer edge

We will begin this easy tutorial with our first step and for that, we shall be drawing a large circle long and a little tilted just above the middle of the paper.

This will be the outer edge of the flower and will be taken as a guideline only. We will draw this part with a lighter stroke to erase it later. 

how to make simple flowers drawing 2022

Step 2- Draw some inner and outer edges

Now draw a curve inside the circle we just drew, at its bottom center. Afterward, draw a half circle below the initial circle starting from its middle left corner and extending to its middle right corner.

Again draw a small half circle thin and elongated right below the half circle we just drew.

how to make simple flowers drawing 2022

Step 3- Next, draw the stem and the first petal base

Draw two elongated lines closer and parallel to each other for the creation of the stem. 

Now add a curve slightly bent in the middle of the bigger half circle we just drew in our second step and the ends of the curve should be connecting with both the boundaries of the mentioned circle.

Remember that this curve has to be drawn with darker strokes.

how to make simple flowers drawing 2022

Step 4- Adding the petals

Our next step is to add some petals and for that, we have brought you an easy peasy trick.

Now the trick is that we will divide the petal diagram into three curves i.e. two equal curves facing each other and one small curve connecting them at the top.

Repeat the process until all the petals will fall within the space of the larger guideline half circle. Make sure to outline the bottom line of the circle together with the petals as shown in the illustration.

how to make simple flowers drawing 2022

Step 5- More petals

Let’s add more petals inside the circle we have drawn initially leaving the space of the curve formed inside it. Follow the same process for petals and every petal must be adjacent to each other.

It’s perfectly fine if your petal is crossing the boundary of the circle. Outline the curve drawn at the bottom-middle of the initial circle and start adding small circles inside it. 

how to make simple flowers drawing 2022

Step 6- Adding seeds to the flower disc and outline the stem

Fill up the middle curve with more tiny circles and outline the stem portion with darker strokes.

how to make simple flowers drawing 2022

Step 7- leaf

Let’s begin with the leaf part. On the right side of the stem, draw a curve slightly bent downwards.

Leaving some distance from the stem, draw two half circles upside and downside of the curve connecting its end. This will look like a leaf. Inside the leaf, draw some lines adjacent to the curve forming the shape of V.

how to make simple flowers drawing 2022

Step 8- Draw the second leaf and start coloring inside the petals

Repeat the same process for the leaf and draw the same on the left side of the stem. Also, draw some lines inside the petals drawn on the upper side of the middle curve.

This will create a forward-facing look. Clean up all the circles and curves that were used as a guideline.

Our drawing is incomplete without the colors so let’s get ready for filling some colors in it.

Let’s begin with the petals and start coloring them with your favorite pink shade.

how to make simple flowers drawing 2022

Step 9- Finish off your drawing with some colors

Finish up your drawing by coloring the stem and the leaves with green shade and the petals with pink shade and fill in the middle portion with yellow shade.

Don’t forget to add some shades inside the petals with darker pink, it will create a more organic look.

how to make simple flowers drawing 2022

Your drawing of a flower is complete!

Congrats, it seems like you have finished your drawing so effortlessly. If you have enjoyed and had fun while drawing this beautiful flower, our purpose behind this step-by-step guide is already accomplished. 

how to make simple flowers drawing 2022


Drawing needs to be fun and not be pressurized and there is a popular saying that where there is no fun in performing some work, that work cannot be done efficiently.

Stay in touch with this guide and keep learning.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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