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Step by Step Guide On How To Draw Cloud?

How To Draw Cloud

If you have enjoyed living out and enjoying the beautiful clouds and sunlight, then perhaps you have guessed about drawing clouds yourself but do not understand where to start.

To help you out, we have this joy and simple guide on how to make a cloud in 9 steps to get you on the right track! 

Follow the all steps for how to draw a cloud- 


Draw a curved horizontal line.

In this first step of our mentor on how to draw a cloud, we will start clearly. 

Carefully make a very curved horizontal line as you can watch in the reference image.

We will be assembling this line in the following steps, so once it’s brought we shall move on to the next step!


Add in some more lumps to your cloud.

Simply draw in three or four minor lumps coming off from the fraction you drew in the previous step.

We added two chunks to the left and one on the right in our picture, so you could replicate that or change it up a bit to get a different look!


Add thunderstorms

Draw two zigzag lines which are parallel to each other and look exactly like a real thunderstorm.


Add raindrops

After making thunderstorms, make rain droplets under the cloud.


Outline it.

Give the outline of all the structures that we have till now. 

For better understanding keep following the images.


Now color.

Colour the one-fourth part of the cloud with red color.


Now color the orange color.

After coloring red color, color the one-third part with orange color in the cloud.


Now color the remaining part of the cloud.

Firstly color is yellow and then green.

It gives a completely rainbow look to the cloud.


It’s the final step of our tutorial.

Color the thunderstorms with sky blue color. And rain droplets also with sky blue color.


Making a painting attracts children.

With step 9 complete, you have accomplished your goal of learning how to draw a cloud.

This drawing guide on how to draw a cloud comes to an end.

 If you liked the sketch method, then you can share this work with your colleagues on social networks. 

We also advise that you educate yourself with other diagram lessons for children.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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