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Step By Step Guide On How To Draw An Among Us Characters?

How To Draw An Among Us Characters

Let us find out how to draw among us characters quickly. 

This blog will provide a step-by-step tutorial on making among-us characters with images.

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Draw a big oval-shaped face.

Draw a half oval-shaped face, then outline a huge curved line on top of the face downwards and a slight upward. 


Draw crown and visor

Next, draw a big crown with three-pointed ends on top of the head. 

The sketch looks like a group of hair strands on the left angle of a face.

Draw the Viso

Now it’s time to make the oval-shaped visor. The underside of the visor should run roughly halfway down to the body of the among us character. 

you can now add other details to the character –

it is molded like a stretched-out n or upside-down u.

The pack should be status with the middle of the visor to start with and finished level with the top of the legs.


Draw a ponytail 

At the end, where you stop, relate a short horizontal line, then proceed to make another “group of hair strands” on the straight side to enclose the entire body of Among Us.


 Add in the Legs

Add the legs to the bottommost half of your page to complete the central body of the among us character.

You can now widen the line across the leg on the right to make it look like the body is turning.


Color the crown of among us character

Color the crown yellow color.


Now color the face and neck 

Color the face and neck yellow color.


Color the legs 

Color the legs red color.


Now color the visor

Color the visor with a sky blue color


Colour in Your Among Us Character

Now you can use your color or felt tip to color your among us character’s body and visor.

Use a lighter complexion for the shadowed regions you marked in during the last step.

It’s an easy coloring assignment for you because we are only using three shades for this character! 

Let’s hit the entire body and crown with bright yellow color and the lower part with red color and the face with sky blue.


We hope you enjoy this step-by-step among us character drawing. If you had fun drawing among us characters, then you’ll surely have a good time drawing other legendary creatures like cannabis!

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