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Step by Step Guide On How To Draw A Unicorn Horse?

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How To Draw A Unicorn Horse

We’ve all dreamt of watching a unicorn in real life, but the opportunity to see one is impossible.

Why not understand how to draw a unicorn instead? By drawing a unicorn, you can glimpse it up close and personal.

Fortunately, we have established a step-by-step procedure on how to draw a unicorn, summed up in 11 quick and easy steps.

Step- 1

Start by drawing two corresponding curvy pointed 

shapes on the upper left part of your paper. 

This forms the mane at the crown of the unicorn’s head.

Afterward, draw a pointed oval shape on both sides of the mane to build the unicorn’s pair of ears.


Create an Outline of the Unicorn’s Head

Draw the pattern of the unicorn’s head right beneath the mane and the ears that we drew in the previous step. Don’t forget to emphasize and muzzle.

The pattern of the unicorn’s head should look like an ordinary horse’s head.


Afterward, Draw the Unicorn’s Long Mane

Draw an extended narrow shape along the back of the neck of a unicorn. 

This establishes the long, thick mane of the unicorn.

Keep in mind that the two bunches of hair that we drew in the first phase and the mane we’re making in this step should be directly connected.

Make sure to add sharp clumps of hair on the mane to add composition, making the mane look soft and practical!


Next, Outline the Body of the Unicor

Draw a diagonally irregular oval shape underneath the skull of the unicorn. This shapes the unicorn’s body.

Step 5 

Then, make the Front Legs of the Unicorn

Below the unicorn’s chest, make two parallel vertical lines with a flat line at the bottom. 

This creates one beginning leg of the unicorn.

Afterward identical shape right beside the first front leg to finalize the unicorn’s two front legs.

 Since the unicorn is confronting sideways, the front leg at the back isn’t fully noticeable.


Complete All Four Legs of the Unicorn

Repeat the prior step underneath the bottom back of the unicorn.

This creates the unicorn’s set of hind legs.

Step 7 – 

Afterward, Add the Unicorn’s Furry Tail

Draw a curved shape with a sharp tip connected to the lower back of the unicorn.

This constructs the unicorn’s thick, furry tail.


Next, Draw the Unicorn’s Pointed Horn

Draw a narrow, edge shape attached to the forehead of the unicorn. 

This establishes the sharp horn—one of the unicorn’s most unique physical features.


Add Patterns and Details on the Unicorn

Draw two similar diagonal lines across the horn of the unicorn. Then, make an upright oval shape within the ear to establish the inside ear.

Step -10

Colour the unicorn

Feel unrestricted to use any color you like to establish a one-of-a-kind unicorn. 

Always remember, the sky’s the maximum of your imagination—make use of it!

The color of our unicorn is blue and pink.


We hope you admire this step-by-step unicorn drawing. If you had the pleasure of drawing a unicorn, then you’ll have a good time drawing other mythical creatures like unicorns!

Check out our “How to Draw” list to explore more fascinating drawing tutorials like this.

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