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Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Unicorn Horse For Kids?

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How To Draw A Unicorn Horse For Kids

In this tutorial, you will be able to learn how to draw a unicorn horse step by step. 

The complete drawing will turn out to be very bright and brilliant. 

I am sure that following this lesson will cheer you up. 

With the help of this teaching, any child and beginner will be capable to draw a great picture.

The unicorn horse is a mythical animal emoticon very similar to a horse with a brightly colored mane and one horn on its forehead. 

The unicorn is considered a fabulous animal. He can often be seen as a character in fairy tales, cartoons, and myths. 

This animal is considered to be peaceful and possesses magical properties.

Step -1 

Outline the unicorn’s head.

Using two curved lines, trace the outline of the unicorn head.


Add the outline of the mane.

Depict the sketch of the hair of a mythical creature on the side of the head.


Draw the ears, neck, and eye of the unicorn.

Depict the ears standing straight and pointed at the top, and the neck rounded at the bottom.

Draw the eye of the unicorn.

To do this, depict a circle on the unicorn’s head, inside which add two more circles.


Add details.

Depict stripes along the entire length of the unicorn’s horn.

Add a small feather.


Draw hands.

On both sides of the body draw, two small u-shaped structures to draw the hands of a unicorn.


Add details.

 Now the last part is adding a small heart-shaped kiss on the front of the mouth of a unicorn.


Color the unicorn horse.

Color the horn with rainbow colors, use shades of pink for the head, and black for the eye.

Color heart with red color.


This drawing guide on how to draw a unicorn horse for kids comes to an end.

 If you liked the drawing process, then you can share this work with your friends on social networks. 

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List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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