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Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Minion?

How To Draw A Minion

Today I will again figure out cartoon-style sketching skills. This will help us with a lesson about how to make Minion for kids.

Surely everyone knows these uneasy cute creatures. They are suitable for working out basic drawing methods.


Draw the eyes

Draw two big circles

The eyes are two circles that are at a little distance from each other.


Draw the pupil in the eyes.

Draw two small circles under the big circles that we made before.

Pupils very much enhance the look of any character. Our Minion will be no exception. 

In this step, I will make him the pupils.


Draw face 

Make an upside-down U-shaped structure for the face. Which is extra large from the ordinary minor.


Draw the body.

Draw a regular extended shape.

It looks like a bean only without arches on the sides. 

The shape should look symmetrical.


Draw the legs of the minion.

The body and facial details of our Minion already have estimated shapes.

Minions are relatively mobile even though their legs are relatively short.


Draw the hands of the minion.

Draw the extended hands of minions on both sides symmetrical in behavior.


Draw hairs and dress of minion. This will be a relatively short step.

I just need to make a few rounded lines that will reflect the hair on Minion’s head.

By the way, you can select any hairstyle for Minion.

This will be a very short step.

All Minions from the Despicable Me sequel wore similar clothes. 

Is it possible to skip these funny denim overalls? So we draw the belts and the front of the jumpsuit.

Step- 8

Draw palms and boots.

Add some details. In our case, we sketch the contours of the boots and palms.

With the assistance of short lines, I outline the patterns of Minion’s pants.


Color the minion.

Blue and yellow are the formal colors of Minions. I will not even indicate using other colors because everyone is familiarized with specifically this color.


This drawing guide on how to draw a minion for kids comes to an end.

 If you liked the drawing process, then you can share this work with your colleagues on social webs. 

We also recommend that you educate yourself with other sketch lessons for children.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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