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Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Dragon?

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How Ho Draw A Dragon

Kids love to watch cartoons and barbies, so to keep them busy, entertained and happy in the afternoon, drawing and sketching is a great way to do the same. All you need to keep them busy and happy is some sheets and a pencil or crayons.

A dragon is a legendary creature and a reptile that can be seen in the various folklore of many cultures throughout the whole world.

There are many beliefs about dragons that vary from region to region but generally, dragons have been depicted as horned, four-legged, winged, and are also capable of breathing fire.

Dragon is one of the cartoon creatures mostly loved by kids but it doesn’t matter whether you are an adult or a kid, if you want to learn how to draw a dragon without any obstacles, then this step-by-step guide is perfect for you.

How to draw a dragon – let’s begin!

In this tutorial, we are going to share 10 easy and quick steps along with the illustrations so that you can take reference from the diagrams.

Step 1-

let’s begin with the horns

We will begin our first step by drawing the two horns. Don’t worry, it’s not going to be hard, just follow our tricks and steps. For a horn, simply draw ‘3’ slightly tilted and right above the middle of your paper and extend its both ends to form elongated lines and connect them with a small curve. Repeat the same for the other horn.

Step 2

Next, Draw the head of our dragon

For this section, we are going to draw some lines and curves. Firstly, draw a line slightly tilted and bent backward starting from the right-most corner of the first horn and ending with a slight curve.

Now draw an S-like shape with a pointed edge on the right and enclose the lower part touching its middle bottom. The enclosed area will be the dragon’s mouth.

The upper curve area should be longer and wider than the lower one.

Draw an enclosed Outline of the lower part of the S-like shape and extend the same line forming a concave curve towards the second horn.

Step 3-

Add facial features to the head

From this point onward, we shall be drawing a dragon’s eye, nostril, and long whiskers.

For an eye, draw a circle right below the first horn and draw an inner half circle attached to its leftmost side and shade it.

For the nostril, draw a small circle middle-above the mouth and outline its upper half with a round curve.

Now draw an elongated inverted comma-like shape on the right top of the nose to make the whisker. Repeat the same on the left side of the head to draw another whisker.

Step 4

Next, sketch in ear and body of the dragon 

Dragons have ears on the sides of their head and they look very similar to that of cows and deer.

Draw a curved line right beside the second horn and add another curved line below the first one and connect both ends to make an ear. Inside the ear, draw a smaller curved line and add another equal curved line underneath it and join both ends.

Draw a curved line on the left side of the first horn and join it with another curved line behind the antlers. 

For the body part, draw a long curved L shape coming out from the middle of the ear and add another L shape underneath the first one starting from the middle right of the head and connect the ends to make the tail. Don’t forget to draw a curved line between the antlers too.

Step 5-

Let’s sketch in spine and spade 

Draw irregular and unequal spiked lines in tufts coming out from the back of the head and extend them to the end of the tail. Draw more spiked lines above the tail, connecting both sides. It will appear like a fire.

Step 6-

Next, draw the belly and hands 

 Draw an elongated curved line on the left side of the body coming out from the middle-bottom of the head and connect its end to the bottom line of the body. For hands, draw a small line slightly tilted from the middle to the upper center of the belly and add another slightly bent line below it and join them from the top.

Draw three enclosed curves connecting both the lines to make the claws.

Draw another hand on the other side except for the claws since you would not be able to see the claws from this perspective.

We will add some skin details inside the belly part in further steps. For now only, draw a line inside the top of the belly.

Step 7-

Add some inner details and start Coloring in

Draw more curved lines inside the belly at an equidistant.

We have chosen the lighter green shade for the head and upper body. Let’s Start coloring the head with a lighter green shade.

Step 8-

finish off your drawing by adding some colors 

Now we will be filling up the head, hands, ears, and upper body area with a lighter green shade and antlers with a yellow shade. We will add the same yellow color to the belly area.

Step 9-

coloring spine and spade 

Time to color the spine and spade of our dragon. We would like to color it a dark green shade. You are free to choose some other color of your own choice.

Step 10-

final touch-up 

At last, we will add red color to the mouth area, and yay! Our drawing is complete.


Drawing dragons can be tricky and hard but drawing one of these mythical creatures is a fantasy for many. From kids to adults, everyone is fond of dragons because of their legendary personality and their spooky and powerful body.

This super easy step-by-step guide will help you to draw a dragon with so much ease and very quickly. Explore our guide for more such easy peasy drawing tricks.

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