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Step by Step Guide On How To Draw A Deer?

How To Draw A Deer

Learn how to make a great-looking Baby Deer with easy, step-by-step drawing teachings, in this tutorial.

 You can now skillfully create a beautiful Baby Deer drawing.

Deer are found all over the world. Forty-three species are there in the world on every continent except for Australia and Antarctica.


Draw a circle.

Begin by drawing a circle. This will form the deer’s head.


use a curved line.

Use a curved line to encircle a rounded, irregular pattern on one side of the circle.

This will shape the deer’s nose.

Then, use the next curved line to enclose the lower part of the mouth.


Draw a nose.

Use a curved line to encircle the irregular pattern of the nose. 

Draw a small oval at the tip of the nose to indicate a shine. 

Then, use a long, bent line to outline each ear on top of the head.

Step -4

Detail the face

For each eye, draw a large circle.

At the bottom of the circle, make a rounded, “W” shaped line, and at the height, an oval. 

Shade between these to demonstrate the pupil. Use a pair of curled lines, meeting in a point, to construct the corner of the eye, giving it a teardrop pattern. 

Then, use a curved row to contour the brow bone above each eye, eliminating guidelines as necessary.

Enclose a curved shape, edged at each end, above the eye to demonstrate the eyebrow. 

Finally, enclose a spherical shape in each ear, following the contours of the external ear.


Draw the deer body.

Draw the deer’s body using a sequel of curved lines. 

Use a set of lines for the neck, and beneath it sketch the approximately peanut-shaped body.


Draw the legs.

Draw the legs, as necessary.

Use a series of curled lines to sketch each leg. 

Note the ridges at the knee and ankle, and the curve of the far leg. 

For the hooves, encircle an irregular shape, cleft, or indented at the front.


Draw the rear leg.

Draw the rear legs,  as essential. 

Again, use pairs of curved lines, enlarging at the joints. 

Enclose the irregularly shaped feet, complete with the “V” shaped rift.


Give the final touch.

Use a series of “U” shaped streaks to sketch the deer’s tail. 

Draw a curved layer down the neck and side to demonstrate the color of the underbelly.

Finally, draw ovals of several sizes across the deer’s back to suggest the spots.


Colour your deer.

Color your deer. Most deer appear in shades of brown. Few have white or black markings.


We hope you had fun drawing a deer with this step-by-step drawing tutorial. On, you can check many more types of drawing tutorials with images.

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