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Step By Step Guide On How To Draw A Cute Unicorn Horse?

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How To Draw A Cute Unicorn Horse

Learn how to draw a unicorn with this easy step-by-step tutorial.

 From the first step to the final step, you’ll be able to have a cute unicorns drawing of your own.

These adorable unicorns are mythical creatures, but this step-by-step drawing tutorial will help you create magic on paper! 

This is great for kids of all ages!


Draw the horn.

Draw the horn in the middle! 

Add lines across the horn to enhance texture.

Add streaks along the horn and round the tip.

Draw an oval line near the horn.

Erase extra lines.


Draw another oval.

Draw another elliptical on top of the first one, but make it flatter on the bottom.

Step -3

Add a round to each side of the bottom.

Add a round to each side of the bottom. Title them in opposite directions.

These will be our unicorn’s hooves.

Step -4

Add two triangles and hands.

Add two triangles on both sides of the head to make the ears.

Now add two hands to the beginning of oval shape body.


Add small details.

Add details like a smile, and cute eyes,  Get efficient!

The steps are easier to follow with the instructions because you can go step by step following each example.


Add small feathers on the sides.

Add two small feathers on the sides of the body.


Colour the baby unicorn.

You can add so many colors to the baby unicorn.

The horn of a unicorn first fills in yellow color, then blue, and then pink.

 Color feathers with blue color.

Add blush to the cheeks and color the eyes black. 

From the beginning leg to the hind legs, all the way to the unicorn head, comprising the unicorn’s horn on the crown of the unicorn, you’ll have cute comic unicorns in no time.

The cool part is, that each simple step only requires some vertical lines, or a curved line or two, just simple lines to draw these legendary creatures and their unicorn horn.


This drawing chart on how to draw a cute unicorn horse for kids comes to an end.

 If you liked the sketch process, then you can share this work with your colleagues on social systems. 

We also recommend that you educate yourself with other sketch lessons for children.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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