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Step By Step Curly Hair Drawing – Viral Painting

Curly Hair Drawing

Drawing hair is a most complex feature of portraits or pictures. But it really seems that curly hair is even more complicated and tough to draw  than straight hair.

Here , I will share with you and make you understand how to draw curly hair  realistic with pencil  by following these simple and easy steps.

Step by step curly hair drawing guide:-

Step 1 –  Start with head portion

Starting by drawing at the very first step is the head because it’s very important to look  at the Head Shape first  and then go after further drawing on  the basic shape of hair and then the structure after that and then after.

Step 2 – Draw the shape of the hair

Once you draw the very  basic head shape at the first step . Now, It’s time to go further and draw the very fine  definite shape of hair just by looking at the photograph of curly hair drawn.

So when you completely draw  curly or any wavy hair, you are not just  drawing the strands of hair but length too..

Step 3 – Draw the ribbon

Draw the Curls exactly look like  ribbon overlapped with the other one in little given broader shape

Step 4 – Define the each curle

So with this, which will help you to understand how to draw each curl more precisely and quickly but if you don’t use the guideline it will be difficult .

You’ll get stuck in the complexity and it becomes tough for you to draw the curls. So, use the given guidelines of each curl for better results and give a complete look.

Step 5 – Start Coloring

Now, Start coloring from the top of the head and with shaded pencil color.

Step 6 – Head color

Start coloring on the head with sharp shaded pencil color and continue the same for the curls.

Step 7 – Complete head color

Color the head and the curle and partially of one side completely

Step 8 – Front hair color

Start coloring the front baby cut shape given to the hair and with the help of shaded black pencil color.

Step 9 – Color whole hair

Start coloring the hair with the same shaded pencil color and giving a complete texture to curly hair.

Step 10 – Complete Coloring

Finally, Complete the coloring with curls and the hairs on the top of the head.Now this gives the final look to curly hair.


In order to draw curly hair and give it a final texture by coloring it.

Firstly,  you need to first look at the shape of the head and then  draw a basic shape line, then after a definite shape of hair by  looking at the reference given on the photograph.

After that, you need define guidelines for each curl given or drawn step by step as you start to achieve this is what  basic curly structure.

Now,  focus on each curl, and then give its particular definition such as light shade,  dark or thick shade and then render it with the help of these tools given in the picture.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

  • For Outline:  Black Pencil and Marker
  • For Coloring: Colored Pencils and Colored Markers
  • Drawing Paper and Sketchbook: Mixed Media Sketchbook
  • Electric Pencil Sharpener: 
  • Drawing Combo: 
  • Buy These All Equipments: Click Here

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