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Step by Step Bat Drawing For Kids – Viral Painting

Step by Step Bat Drawing For Kids

Despite this reputation, they can often be very quite cute in real life, and many people basically love the look of these beautiful winged  rodents!

If you’re one of the millions of bat fans literally in the world, you would probably   or may like to learn how to draw a bat. Then,  you’re in the right place and right step needed .

Here, we created this very  easy step-by-step guide on basically how to draw a bat in these10 cf very  easy steps to make drawing of a bat fun and simple for you to learn and how to draw.

Step by step bat drawing guide:-

Step 1 – Draw eyes

Draw two circles in the same shape ,opposite to each other and draw two circles inside the circle and color it.

Step 2 – Draw face

Draw  two dots for making your nose,  just below the starting point of both the eyes.

And then draw the lips and tongue 

Step 3 –  Draw ear

Draw the ear after completing the bats head 

You can draw the pointy bat ear sharply.

Step 4 –  Draw the second ear

Draw the second ear of the bat exactly opposite to the first one with the same size and shape.

Start drawing  simply the  two straight lines with two very fine curved ones coming down from them as you can already  see in the image.

Step 5 – Draw wings

Now, after completing the head and ears of your bat drawing, you can now start to draw the first wing of the bat . Following the reference of the  picture will be very helpful to draw easily.

Step 6 – Draw opposite wings

You have already drawn in the first wing of your bat drawing, and  now all you basically need to do is start creating a mirror image of the wing on exactly on the opposite side.

Step 7 – Add  the bottoms of the wings and leg

 Start with the frames of the wings and then  draw it and next you can now add in the webbed bottoms of the wings of the bat .

You have almost  finished your  bat drawing at this stage, so for the next few steps we will cover the finishing touches and then a few final looks.

Step 8 – Color ear

Start coloring the ear of the bat with purple color between the line drawn in ear and follow the next exactly.

Step 9 – Color the eye as well full body

Start coloring the eye with light sky blue color and the tongue with red color.

Step 10 – Color the leg

Now, After finishing color in body and face , start coloring the both leg with black color

and then complete the look.


We’ve shown   the  way you can easily color it, with the help of a reference picture, but you always should let your inspiration genuinely take over and use all of your favorite colors and you will enjoy drawing it.!

You can at your extent further personalize your drawing by giving it a very  cool background.

You can further as per your wish personalize your drawing by giving it a cool and effective background as well.

You could also have some fun and enjoy drawing  with different art mediums at and at  this stage. There are various options or mediums such as watercolors, acrylic paints, colored pens and pencils can be lots of fun  basically to use for some of the  great color variations!

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

  • For Outline:  Black Pencil and Marker
  • For Coloring: Colored Pencils and Colored Markers
  • Drawing Paper and Sketchbook: Mixed Media Sketchbook
  • Electric Pencil Sharpener: 
  • Drawing Combo: 
  • Buy These All Equipments: Click Here

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