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Best Stencil For Artist | All Types of Stencils For Painting

stancils for paintings


A Stencil is a piece of a sheet made up of paper, wood, metal or cardboard having cuts and patterns on it – used typically by artists to create different kinds of designs, letters or patterns.

An artist sprays colours or adds ink to the cut area for printing the design over the underlying surface.

Painting pictures for room décor, graffiti and floor designing becomes straightforward with the use of stencil sheets with more accuracy.

You can create an incredible piece of work just by choosing the correct stencil art.

Top Benefits of Stencils

• Stencils are reusable and safe
The main benefit of using a stencil is that it can be used over and over many times. Also, there is no fear of catching chemical reactions from stencils as they are made with safe and mild materials.

• Polishes the inner artist and creativity
Stencilling is indeed an enjoyable activity for kids to learn painting while having fun. It brings out the qualities of creativity, innovation, courage and improves self-esteem and patience.

• Affordable and easy to use
The best thing about Stencil is that they have low production cost and are affordable. People of any age can simply have perfection in a painting by placing particular patterns on a surface using any type of colour.

Different Type of Stencils You Need to Know

Look! How amazingly you can create and draw designs of your wish by using a stunning piece of the pattern.

Obtain the perfect picture by making the precise choice among different kinds of stencils. Let us know the popular designs of stencils in 2021.

  1. Star Stencil
  2. Heart Stencil
  3. Rose Stencil
  4. Flower Stencil
  5. Leaf stencil
  6. Sunflower stencil
  7. Tree stencil
  8. Mandala stencil
  9. Snowflake stencil
  10. Number stencil
  11. Other Craft stencils

1. Star Stencil

When a piece of a sheet made up of certain material is cut into the shape of a star – the stencil formed is known as a Star Stencil and can be utilized easily to bring amazing designs over the surface. The star templates are best to be used in art and craft or DIY projects of any kind.

1.1:-  7 Pieces American Flag 50 Stars Stencil for Painting

Whaline star stencil is a beautiful piece of American Flag with 50 stars for painting on wood, cloth, airbrush, fabric, and any kind of art.

A total of 7 pieces are given in a single packaging which includes 2 large, 2 medium and 3 small-sized star stencils.

About the item

  • Brand: Whaline
  • Material: Polyester, wood, paper, Mylar
  • Weight: 3.98 ounces

Item size

  • Available in 3 sizes – large, medium and small
  • Large size- 14.8 X 10.5 inches, star size – 1.2 inches
  • Medium size- 10 X 7 inches, star size – 0.8 inches
  • Small size – 7 X 5 inches, star size – 0.6 inches


  • Whaline Start stencils can be used on several types of surfaces and especially recommended to use for the creation of American flags.
  • Flat surfaces are ideal and best to utilize the star stencils.
  • Art and Craft or DIY projects can be made at home easily by toddlers with the help of 50 stars stencil.

1.2:- 12 Pieces Star Stencil Kits in Different Sizes and Styles

Zonon Assorted Star Stencil are an incredible choice for DIY lovers to draw different star shapes in different sizes with Acrylic Paints, airbrush and spraying paints to draw on tiles, floors, fabrics, wood metals and canvas. Perfect for home décor and can be reused over time only by washing.

About the item

  • Brand: Zanon
  • Item size: 7.1 X 7.1 inches/ 18 X 18 cm
  • Pieces: 12


  • The assorted star stencil is made up of Mylar plastic
  • It is a thick and durable plastic-like material
  • Extremely safe for kids and can be washed easily with water

Versatile item

  • 12 pieces of assorted twinkle star stencil are reusable and a perfect fit to illuminate every corner of the home.
  • You can use it for wood designs, paper designs, crafts, floor designing, Gift makings and many more.
  • Versatile item can easily be used on wood, metals, tiles, pillow covers, gift covers, and fabric bags.

1.3:- 7 Pcs Plastic Stencil in 3 Sizes American Flag

Koogel Plastic Star Stencil brought 7 pieces in which 3 pieces have 50 American stars templates and 4 are available in 13- stars stencils in which one has 1776 written over it.

The template designs can be used for printing on notebooks, walls, charts, wood tables, planners and various DIY projects.

Item size

50- Star template

  • Large size – 10.5 X 14.82 inches
  • Medium size– 7 X 10 inches
  •  Small size – 5 X 7 inches

13- Star template

  • Large size – 10.5 X 14.82 inches
  • Medium size – 7 X 10 inches
  • Small size – 5 X 7 inches
  • 1776 template size – 10.5 X 14.82 inches


  • Best not only for flat surfaces but can be used to arc and curved surfaces for making the American flag.
  • Place on wood, plastic, fabric, metal, glass, furniture, clothes and all kind of materials to create the innovation.
  • 50 stars stencil is best for 4th July occasions
  • Other 13 stars design templates can be a perfect fit for DIY projects.

1.4:- Reusable PLASTIC STAR Stencils IN SIZE 13.4″ to 3.5″

Nakleo Star stencils packed as 5 pieces of different sizes of stars are well known to be used best by kids of small ages and are gracefully used on any kind of flat surface.

About the item

  • Brand – Nakleo
  • Material – Mylar Plastic
  • Weight- 0.1 kgs

Template size

  • 1st size – 13.4″ (34x34cm)
  • 2nd size – 9.4″ (24x24cm)
  • 3rd size – 7.5″ (19x19cm)
  • 4th size – 5.5″ (14x14cm)
  • 5th size – 3.5 (9x9cm)

Versatile item

  • The flexible polyester material can be used to paint all kinds of surfaces such as wood, metal, cloths, paper, fabric, and walls.
  • Kids can decorate their bedroom walls and furniture very easily with star stencils.

1.5:- Rapidesign Stars Template

Rapidesign Star templates having 14 different Stars stencils of unique size are best for play way kids to enjoy every moment of creating new ideas.

Boost the courage of your toddlers in art and craft with an elegant piece of art that will help them make the best out of the crafts.

About the item

  • Brand: Rapidesign
  • Design: Stars
  • Weight: 0.5 Pounds


  • Made up of plastic in the green template
  • Softer and flexible to be used a variety of surfaces
  • Kids of any age can utilize it in art and craft or DIY projects.

Easy to use

  • 5-pointed star stencils are a piece of cake for kids to decorate their notebooks, paint canvas and change the outlook of their toys.
  • Place the product on the surface and apply painting colours, spray or airbrushes, powder colours, and wall paints.
  • Reusable and can be washed easily by water.

2. Some Other Stencils

Besides the main type of stencils – different art from nature, surroundings, animals and birds can be taken for making smoothly detailed patterns over the surface.

It includes plants, sea creatures, body art and tattoos, moon, sun, wild animals and many templates.

11.1:- 4 Pieces Forest Landscape, Mountains and Rivers Theme Stencils (11 x 11inch)

4 pieces of landscape stencil having mountain patterns, river themes, and palm trees over plastic material made by Mylar template of size 11 X 11 inches each.

About the item

  • Material: High-quality transparent PET plastic
  • Durable and reusable

Easy to use

  • Plastic stencils are very easy to work with – place and put your favourite colours for best outcomes.
  • You can DIY and modify your rooms, scrapbooks, walls, floors, clothes, shirts, refrigerator and many items in few minutes.

11.2:- 629 Pcs Temporary Tattoos Stencils For Girls and Boys

Transfer your looks with Konsait Body art stencils stickers that include 629 pieces of unique designs for temporary tattoos having adhesive and can be removed once used. Safe for skin, non-toxic, durable, mess-free, soft and reusable.

11.3:- Henna Tattoo Stencil Kit 18 Sheets 97 Pcs

Make a picture-perfect tattoo within a few minutes from a total of 18 Heena body art stencil sheets having 97 unique patterns to help you stand out from the rest – featuring animals, floral and natural patterns and are exclusively made by premier quality PVC proven to be non-reactive, eco-friendly, reusable, safe for skin and durable.

11.4:- 32pcs Animal Patterns 4 Sheets Temporary Tattoo Stencils

Treat your body with the best stencil art designs of Airbrush and Arabian tattoos having wolf, lion, gecko, fox, eagle, scorpion, owl, animals and bird templates especially for temporary body art.

Simply attach to the body and fill the patterns with colours, glitter, crayons and ink – remove carefully and enjoy the beautiful trace.

11.5:- 20 Pieces Sea Animal Painting Stencils for Painting (13 x 13 cm/ 5.1 x 5.1 Inch)

The graceful packaging of stencil includes 20 pieces of different Sea creatures made for DIY art and craft, Scrapbook detailing, glass window art and any desired flat surface.

Specially designed with PET material – durable, reusable, easy to use and safe for kids. Use paint and colours of any kind for tracing the patterns over wood, metal, furniture, mug, bags and items.

11.6:- Mandala Feather Stencil Template for Painting (A4 Size)

Easy to use

  • Using the plastic star stencil Nakleo will be a time-saving approach for you.
  • Easily washable with lukewarm water for timely usage.
  • Use it as many times as you want with the same quality.

Easy to use

    • Ideal for t-shirt printing art.
    • Wood, canvas, furniture, Scrapbooks, walls, fabric and clothes can be decorated to the next level
    • Flexibility has made the usage of stencils safer for kids.

11.7:- Mandala Feather Stencil Template for Scrapbooking Painting (A4 Size)

Easy to use

  • The item is handy to work with as it does not include hard and fast drawings – simply apply desired colours on the cutting part to have a wonderful stork of craft.
  • The amazingly created template is a proven way to draw heartwarming designs over scrapbooks, notebooks, walls, personal diaries and so on to all kinds of materials.

• Add colours to clothes, bags, cover sheets, home décor and glass materials.

11.8:- Sunflowers With Red Truck Stencil (12x16Inch)

Easy to use

  • Kids can easily and safely use it.
  • Saves you a lot of time – just place the template on the object and spray the desired paint to get the incredible craft.
  • Working with these templates is fun as they are easy to clean and adjust.

11.9:- Mandala Flower Stencils for Painting in 6×6 Inches

Easy to use

  • Assorted Star stencils have a round hole designed on their top which makes it easier to pull for utilizing.
  • Laser-cut designs leave a smooth and accurate finish on the decorations.

11.10:- 12Pcs Plastic Stencils for Painting In 5.7×9.6 Inches

Easy to use

  • easy to make a stencil Painting
  • Best suitable for ink, spray, pigment and hand paintings.


    • Safer to use by kids of all ages as it is eco-friendly and soft.
    • Reusable and easily washed with mild water
    • Durable, flexible and lightweight.

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