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30+ Simple Rainbow Drawing Ideas For All Aged Artists (Kids, Adults, and Expert)

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30+ Rainbow Drawing Ideas by Viral Painting

Rainbow drawings are a popular and easy technique for artists of all ages. The technique is called “circle drawing” or “round drawing.” These drawings have been growing in popularity recently due to their simplicity.

This blog post will find 30+ easy and simple rainbow drawing ideas for beginners, kids, adults, and expert artists. This list has everything from simple symmetric designs to more complicated creations with asymmetrical shapes!

Easy and Simple rainbow drawing ideas for kids:

Pot of Gold Rainbow Drawing: This drawing is also a great example of how to draw symmetrical composition. The rainbow shape is made from half circles and always faces the same direction. This drawing will help your kids to understand this concept.

Simple Circle Rainbow Drawing: This is another simple circle concept for you to start with. It may look scary initially, but it’s pretty easy to draw! You must draw an oval shape and cut it into two halves using parallel lines.

Simple Rainbow Stripes: This design is based on the same idea as other simple rainbow drawings on the list, but it’s a bit more detailed and colorful. The stripes are done using continuous lines instead of separate shapes.

Easy Cloud Drawing: Believe it or not, clouds have much in common with rainbows. They are also composed of half circles. So in this drawing, you will draw a rainbow instead of a cloud.

Easy and Simple rainbow drawing ideas for Adults:

Salt Crystals Rainbow: The most popular rainbow drawing for adults. You will need a piece of paper, a pencil, or colored markers to draw this fabulous design. It would be best if you start by creating a triangle outline and then cut it into smaller triangles.

Cosmic Rainbow Suncatcher: First, draw a pentagon shape. Then cut it into two halves. Next, draw half circles as curved lines connected to the pentagon. This design is simple but strong.

Easy and Simple rainbows drawing ideas for expert artists:

Fairytale Rainbow: The fairy tale rainbow looks like a flower-shaped stroke with many colors in the middle. It’s probably one of the most romantic designs for adults.

Chalk Rainbow Poster: This is an impressive design with a strong effect on the viewer. It’s also easy to draw! The smaller circles are done using a compass and then extended outwards to make the final shape.

Diamond Rainbow Pattern: This amazing design is probably not that hard if you have previous artistic experience. If not, it may take you an hour or so to come up with it! It’s just a matter of drawing circles of different shapes and colors by cutting them into smaller pieces.

Whirlwind Rainbow: This design is based on a circle cut into half circles of different sizes and colors. The focus is on making a colorful pattern, so it’s best to use many colors.


Rainbow drawings may be simple, but they can add a lot of character to your home. Try these easy and simple rainbow drawings out today! I am sure you will love them.

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