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Hotest 32+ Lips Drawing Ideas for New Artist – Viral Painting

50+ lips drawing ideas by viral painting

Do you want to learn how to draw bare lips for your drawing? Or maybe even a fuller and more sexy-looking one? Then this blog post is for you. I’ll share some easy, free lip drawing ideas anyone can follow.

This blog post is intended for kids, adults, and even professional artists who want to learn about basic lip techniques.

The lips are one of the most noticeable features of a face. We can’t help but stare at them because they always express our moods.

You must paint them skillfully and accurately in your drawing to add character and emotion to your portrait.

In this blog post, I will show you how to draw bare lips for your drawing using various methods that anyone can follow.

After following these exercises, you can apply different types of lips in your work depending on the desired effect you are trying to achieve.

Remember, practice is the key to learning how to draw beautiful lips. You need to practice these several times until you get used to them.

Then try experimenting with other types of lip shapes.

Simple lips drawing ideas for kids:

Open lips: This one is very simple and easy to make. Draw an arc and a circle on the lips. Round off the arcs by making them thicker and longer lines to represent round corners of the lips.

The sharpness of the line mostly depends on your drawing hand, but you can still try to get it right with practice. Your result will be something similar to this image:

Make these easy lip drawing for kids. You can use it in your sketches and barbie drawings as well.

We are here to help every child to make the best sketches. Take help from the given lip idea.

U-shaped Lips: This one is a bit difficult to do, but with practice, it will be easier to draw. Start by drawing the bottom line of the lips, then draw a curvy line on the left corner, and finally, another curvy line on the right corner.

Try smoothing out the curves as much as you can. It will look like this:

You can even try making your variations of U-shaped lips with practice. Your creativity only limits you!

These hot red lips are perfect to draw if you are a beginner artist. Add a little glossy effect to your sketch.

Outline these pink baby lips on your sheets and impress everyone with wonderful skills.

Complete this aesthetic lip art in a single stroke. Isn’t it simple and stunning?

Check out the flirty easy lips drawing that children can work with to complete features of a character’s face.

Easy lips drawing ideas for adults

Biting lips: This is a very common pose in manga art. It can be done any way you want. To create a biting lip, draw an arc close to your upper lip and make it bigger than just before the middle of the mouth.


Try these sexy pink glossy lips that never go out of style. Perfect for people with an experience in art.

Some lips are smooth while others have a different texture, here we have this simple lip drawing for adults.

Make this lip drawing with teeth inside and make the skin texture as shown for more natural looks

Lips don’t lie when you draw them with full focus and love. Try this beautiful lip art.

Make these numb lips roughly to seem your art more effortless and sassy.

Draw this thin red lip drawing for adults made to add in women characters or as an individual sketch.

A thick outlined round lips with some teeth showing inside the mouth and some crease lines over it.

Fall in love with this lips sketch idea made in a light pink shade.

Another illustration showing a slightly biting lip with some teeth showing. We have chosen red for the lips and yellow for some creases on the lips to make it appear exactly like we have seen in comics or cartoons. Don’t forget to outline the lips with a dark pen or sketch.

Kiss mark on your drawing: You can make this by using different ways, like drawing a very light lip outline and coloring it in with gray or toning it down with brownish color or even red if you want it to look more dramatic.


An open mouth with broad and not so thick lips together with tongue and teeth.

Lips Drawing Ideas

Fuller lips from a side view. Crease lines on lips is a better way to show its texture.


In this drawing, you will see that the upper lip is not that much of heart shaped as shown in the previous illustration. For this type of lip shape, keep the curve drawn for the upper lip slightly downward rather than going deep.


For a lip drawing, you simply need to draw a line going upwards and once the line iw near an inch long, gradually extend a short line downwards. This will make the left side of the upper lip and for the right side of the upper lip repeat the same step on the opposite side. And then draw an outward curve beneath it and a line in between.


A side view of the lips with two teeth showing.

Lips drawing ideas for experts

Hot lips: This is one of the hardest parts to draw, especially if you are not used to drawing them. Your goal here is to create a hot lip by making your upper lip wider than before with a heavy or thick line. Make your lower lip slightly wider too.

Weird lip bitchy drawing is here for professionals who love to dive deep into the toughest ships.  A side view of the lips with two teeth showing.

Make plumpy red lips drawing ideas for experts, outline with black, and add details with the same as well.This one also gives you an idea for a hot red fuller lips.

This illustration gives you an idea of how to outline the lips by using a black sketch or color and filling in the lips with red shade and also giving the lips some texture by making crease lines on it.

You can steal ideas to make a perfect biting lip drawing, and carefully add details for natural effects.

Want to make circular unique lips on your canvas? Go with the given idea for lips drawing.

Emo lips: The basic steps here are the same as hot lips, but this time makes your lower lip even thicker.

This tough twist with the piercing sketch is popular among adults and professional artists. Give it a shot!

Refer to this heart-shaped lips sketch for a circular small face drawing. A round pout lips with lots of lines making the texture of the lip skin.


A slightly open mouth with fuller lips and its texture.

Frozen Lips: This is not too difficult to do, but you will have to use a reference picture to know exactly how to do it. Draw an oval shape on the center of your lips until it reaches halfway between the upper and lower parts of your lips. You can also draw a biting mouth like this. Lip bitten by teeth looks seductive and sassy. For drawing like this, remember to draw teeth only up to that portion that has to be shown while drawing biting lips.


For fuller lips drawing or preference, refer to this one. This has many sketchy lines in it to give your lips a comic look.


Here is a slightly open mouth with broad fuller lips and vertical lines on it. You can also color each segment with different colors to give it a more vibrant look.


You may have already decided that drawing lips is not easy, but it is one of the easiest parts to draw. All you need to be able to draw beautiful lips is practice, patience, and a good reference photo.

So try to learn more with this on drawing lips. As we know, different people have different face shapes and body shapes.

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