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For Beginners 54+ Halloween Cat Drawing Ideas – Viral Painting

Halloween Cat Drawing Ideas for all artist by viral painting

If you are looking for ideas for cat drawing then you are at the right place. Let’s take a look at the best cat drawing ideas for Halloween.

Drawings have a great influence on our lives. People make drawings of different things on different occasions but sometimes they do not have any idea about drawings, therefore, they often search on the internet about for ideas for their drawing.

Halloween is a very important festival in western culture. It is believed that on this day dead souls returned to their homes.

People celebrate this festival in different ways as many people go to church for praying, many lights candles and some people decorate their houses with scary carvings of pumpkins.

Children also visit the houses of their loved ones for “trick or treat”.

People make scary drawings of different things on the occasion of this festival. Many people make scary drawings of cats to decorate their houses.

This slide contains different ideas for Halloween cat drawing for all age groups. So collect all the material required for drawing before sitting for a drawing and try to make proper use of these ideas.

Some people are new to drawing and they do not have any ideas about how to draw cats. Therefore we have the best collection of Halloween cat drawings for beginners.

Through these ideas, beginners can easily draw cats for Halloween.

Halloween cat drawing ideas

This part is mainly designed for beginners as it contains only simple ideas with minor difficulty levels for Halloween cat drawing which is very easy for children to draw.

I believed that these ideas will sharpen their drawing skills and it may help them in completing their school projects and homework. Moreover, it also sharpens their mental ability and imagination power.

You can add a hump to your cat drawing to make it look scary and angry and yellow sharp eyes will go perfectly fine with it.

This clever cat idea with a hump is completely fine for beginners and new artists this Halloween. 

Below is an evil-appearance drawing of a cat in a sitting position. Trace each line and curve to draw exactly like the below one.

If you want to draw an evil drawing then this cat is the right choice for you.

Shade your cat with black or gray color to give a perfect Halloween vibe and fill in the eyes with green to make it strange and weird.

Grey cat painting with yellow sharp eyes looks attentive and scary at the same time and is ideal for beginners.

A scared cat would exactly look like the below image. Adding a hump will make the work easy and quick to draw like one.

The below drawing is especially for kids. Draw a round shape and over the top of it, draw a downside V shape on both ends to imitate the ears. Adding facial features will never go wrong.

Try this cute black cat drawing for beginners which is very easy to draw and fun to work with.

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Draw an oval cat face and stiff triangular ears, yellow eyes for a spooky look as shown below.

Draw an oval cat face and stiff triangular ears, this cat is an amazing option for beginners.

Halloween cat drawing ideas for adults 

The next section is designed for people who have the basic knowledge of drawing but do not have enough ideas for Halloween cat drawing.

Some people are so busy in their life that they do not have enough time to find ideas for drawing cats for Halloween.

So we arranged these ideas in one place and this will help them to save time.

Moreover, it also helps them to relieve their stress from work. We have several ideas for Halloween cat drawing through which adults can draw Halloween cats.

For a ghost cat, drawing a white cloth-like shape over the body of the cat will do justice. Add black eyes and some portions of uncovered legs and a long tail.

You can also draw a ghost cat in a sitting position just like the below reference image. Except for the eyes, tail, and some portions of legs, draw a cloth-like shape to depict that the cat is covered with a white cloth.

This funny and cute Halloween cat is nicely made, and perfect for an adult painter.

Another example of a ghost cat with a different view and angle. Trace the below image and follow up on the details.

Add humor and horror atmospheric reaction with this ghost in a picture.

You can also draw a side view of the cat’s body but a front-looking face. The below image will help you to draw the same.

A black scary cat with a long tail and big eyes is no less than a scary spirit.

There are various ways you can draw a cat’s posture. As you can see in the below image, the cat’s back is rightly curved to make its body straight up and use some curved and pointy lines for each side of the furry outline of the face.

The eyes play a prominent role when making a Halloween cat. So pay attention to the eyes and make them as sharp and scary as you can. Refer to the below image for assistance.

You can also try this scary cat, easy to work with for adults and teens.

The angry cat with a spiked tail for Halloween drawing will be your best painting idea to seize this day, do give it a shot.

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For the below image, use a light stroke of the pencil to draw the cat and leave some space in between. Add a furry look to the face and tail by drawing spiked lines. Don’t forget to draw sharp spooky eyes as they are the most important element.

If you want something intermediate challenging Halloween cat painting, here is what you need to draw.

The best thing about drawing a shadowed black cat painting is its easy body outline and eyes, it’s alluring and attractive. For a body outline, start with a thin curve and draw a wide curve as you drop down below. The bottom part should be wide enough to depict its legs.

The best thing about this black cat painting is its eyes, it’s sexy and attractive.

A black baby cat without any specifications added to the eyes is ideal for small kids. You can add an arrow-like shape at the end of the tail.

Consider this cute devil cat with a devil tail and angelic face.

A long, thin cat would look strange but that’s what we need for Halloween. Draw the cat’s face with some mustache hairs coming out from each side and an elongated body with a curled tail.

This cat has a long curly tail and big long moustaches, I bet you will love its results.

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Instead of drawing the entire body, you can also just draw the face and fill it up with black color and add some spooky details to it like big yellow eyes or an orange nose or dark black patterns over the face.

Halloween cat drawing ideas for experienced artists 

This part is made for people who are mastered in drawing and have good experience of drawing. If you are good at drawing and want to draw some good cat drawing for Halloween then we have a good collection of masterpieces for you. 

We also have an attractive collection of Halloween cat drawings for professionals.

For a more spooky look, draw the ears of the cat in such a way that it replicates the horns as drawn in the below image.

Use black and navy blue colors to perfectly paint this terrifying cat for your Halloween drawing. 

You can draw a ribbon around the neck of your cat to make it look cute.

This cute cat looks gentle but deep inside he got a devil’s heart, add pink cheeks, and a bright smile on his face.

What about a sitting cat? All you need is to make pointed lines to depict its body and straight lines in front to draw its hands. A long tail will also do the Justice.

This pretty cat Halloween painting is made for expert artists who are ready to leave drawing with an extra much-needed finish. 

A blue-eyed black-shaded cat along with a black spooky pumpkin will rock your art.

This evil Halloween cat has left her effect on an orange pumpkin which turned it black as well. 

If your cat is shaded entirely black, try to add a little bit of another dark color to some portions such as on the neck, nose, or inside the ears as illustrated below.

Scary kitten with a big face, you need to first work on her face and then make the rest of her body.

If you are wondering how to create a mixture of spookiness and cuteness, try to add facial expressions like the below one.

This cute little cat is an awesome idea for Halloween if you want to be scary and cute at the same time. 

Refer to the below image if you want to draw a whole cat along with its curled tail and spooky eyes.

A lovely naughty cat is walking and her tail is rolling, try it as your perfect Halloween drawing. 

You will fall in love with this little cute black kitten with yellow eyes.

You will fall in love with this bad but cute-looking little black kitten.

A black and yellow-eyed cat along with a spooky pumpkin will create a perfect Halloween vibe.

Not interested and attitude cat with a pumpkin stands out from every painting.

Avoid being ordinary, and try this funky nice black cat with a beautiful hat. Doll up your Halloween cat with a purple big magical hat as shown below in the image and she is all ready to celebrate the show.

Doll up your Halloween cat with a purple big magical hat and she is all ready to enjoy the show.

If you want to draw a fat Halloween cat, this drawing image is perfect for you in that case.

Do you want to draw a fat Halloween cat, hey experts, this idea is perfect for you in that case.

Avoid being ordinary, and try this funky nice black cat with a striped hat.

The angry cat for Halloween drawing will be your #1 painting idea for the day, do give it a shot.

Bottom line 

Hopefully, every person gets the idea of drawing for which they come to this page. By practising these ideas you can make excellent cat drawings for Halloween.

Moreover, you can also check step-by-step guides on different sites. In the end, keep calm and have patience to complete your drawing and make your Halloween special.

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