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30+ Easy Love Drawing Ideas | Simple and Easy Drawing

love drawing ideas 2023 by viral painting

Art is a form of communication, and drawing is simply the act of communicating through the Love of Drawing. Intuitively, we all know this, but it’s sometimes difficult to come up with the right words to express our feelings.

Sometimes it’s easier and more effective to doodle our emotions on paper.

Love Drawing can be therapeutic for those struggling with depression or anxiety or simply stressful lives that sometimes seem overwhelming.

There are many different types of art, some for adults and some for kids. Art-making itself is important to everyone, regardless of age.

Drawing can be a fun hobby or a way to express yourself. Drawing is a great way to allow your kids or students to learn how to draw at home or an easy way to exercise your hands.

Adults, whether just getting into drawing new things or looking for a new challenge, are constantly looking for challenges in all aspects of their lives that can benefit them mentally and physically.

Drawing on paper may seem simple, but it’s more complicated than it sounds. It all starts with the tools you use and your willpower and discipline.

Easy love drawing ideas for kids:

Draw heart: Drawing a heart is nice for a young child. Firstly, it’s easy to draw and looks great in pictures. Two lines make two sides of the heart shape, with two eyes. Draw a smiley face too!

Draw this aesthetic heart surrounded by three tiny hearts making the picture-perfect scene.

This pretty love heart sketch with I love you drawing can be simply drawn. Just layer down one single heart and then fill it with inner lines.

Draw red color heart: For kids, drawing a red color heart is more beautiful than the original color of a heart. Because it is red and the children like red very much.

What about this lovely heart drawing plain easy for kids and every beginner artist no matter your age.

Write I ❤ U drawing easy and simple even for newbie people.

Draw the LOVE phrase: Love is beautiful and makes people happy. This phrase can be written on the heart to look more like love.

Looking for easy art for love? Sketch down a heart, two circles, and two triangles to make this agile love art.

2 Heart Black Love Drawing Ideas. To make this easy two-black heart drawing for kids, first, make the smaller heart and then add a bigger one at its back. 

With a thick brush, start drawing this charming love heart drawing and write I LOVE YOU below it. 

Simple love drawings ideas for adults:

Draw two hearts: The first drawing idea is to draw two hearts. This is an easy drawing idea, not only for children but also for adults.

These two heart balloons need to draw with a thin nib or a thin brush for more pretty looks. Add a black spot on the balloon’s top side.

This little cute cartoon holding heart sketch is a perfect love drawing idea for adults who are very familiar with paintings.

Draw the love word: A simple way to draw the word love is to make one shape on the left and another shape on the right of it, like that of two letters next to each other that are connected by vertical lines.

Draw a checkerboard pattern on top of it by making red and white colored shapes in different parts of the vertical lines above those letters.

Write LOVE in bold letters but make sure to replace O with a sweet ❤ of the same size. Also, add some details like dark shadows and dotted lines inside it.

Play with the letters L, O, V and E; color them with warm pastels and look how beautiful the results become.

I Love You Drawing Ideas With Couple Rings. A couple of ring love art has two rings, a diamond one, and another decorated with a bow. Draw two circles intersecting one another and then in the next step give them important details


Draw a teddy bear saying I Love You: This drawing idea is for a man on his birthday. Draw a teddy bear with a big red heart on its head. Write I LOVE YOU at the end of it.

Cute Love Bird Drawing Ideas. In this love drawing, a bird is chirping and might be singing a love song. Draw lovely tiny black and white hearts.

Two Pink Heart Drawing . The two pink hearts are here to make your day memorable. Have pink markers and outline these tickers (another word for a heart).

Cute Teddy Bear Love Drawing

Heart Fly With Wings Love Drawing

Love Is Love Cute Drawing

Balloon Love Drawing Ideas

Love drawing ideas for experts

Couple in a heart: First, draw a large heart on the paper. Then, draw a couple in the middle of the heart.

Couple kissing each other: Take a large piece of paper. Draw a vertical line passing through the middle of the paper. Divide the right side of the paper horizontally into half so that you have two equal portions of the left and right sides. Draw a small rectangle near the top, on top of one portion.

Love tree drawing.Try this couple drawing easy who are completely into one another. Here they are standing under a love tree with leaves that have the shape of hearts.

Make two people, look into eyes of each other. Paint a heart in the background with red color.

Love bird drawing ideas. This black love bird drawing idea is perfect for experts. They have sharp beaks and nice figures, singing songs of love.

cute couple drawing ideas for love.Try this cute boy and girl who love drawing with pencils and markers. They are holding hands and staring in the eyes.

We have this pinky promise love drawing idea for you that can be easily sketched for experts and people who are willing to put effort into their art.

Love tree drawing ideas. Collect black and pink paint for this lovely love romance tree. In this, the catch is drawing the hearts nicely and clean.

Cute kiss cute couple drawing ideas


Drawing can be fun for kids and experts too. These simple love drawing ideas are easy to do and great for beginners who want to draw. Adults can try simple love drawings on their own or with children.

Everyone needs a new challenge in their lives from time to time, so make sure you have fun drawing new things at home, in your comfort zone, or even in public.

Art-making is one of the best ways to express yourself creatively and is proven to boost self-confidence and self-esteem. These simple love drawings ideas can help you figure out what you like drawing the most!

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