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30+ Dragon Drawings Ideas in 2023: Simple And Easy Drawing

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30+ Dragon drawing ideas

A dragon is a legendary creature and a reptile that can be seen in the various folklore of many cultures throughout the whole world. 

There are many beliefs about dragons that vary from region to region but generally, dragons have been portrayed as horned, four-legged, winged, and are also capable of breathing fire.

Dragon is one of the cartoon creatures mostly loved by kids but it doesn’t matter whether you are an adult or a kid, if you want to know how to draw a dragon without any difficulties, then this collection of dragon drawings is perfect for you.

So, today we have come up with 30+ Dragon drawings Ideas for all ages and levels so that you will be drawing a dragon in a few minutes!

Let’s begin!

Simple And Easy Dragon Drawing Ideas

The idea of dragons not only allures young children, but people of all ages also find them fascinating.

Follow these simple dragon drawings summed up in three portions – kids, adults, and professionals to sketch a dragon in your own style!

Easy dragon drawings ideas for kids

Kids love dragons as they have been featured in many movies and cartoons, so to keep them entertained and happy in the pastime, drawing is a great way to express kids’ inner creativity and their passion for dragons.

In these drawings, we will show some easy ideas for young crafters to make a dragon skillfully! 

Explore all these drawings for a perfect idea!

As shown in the above image, draw some curved lines for the body and the tail, also an open circle for the head. Finish off with horns and spikes on the back of the body.

Here is a snake-like Dragon. Definitely, not a friendly one!

Just some curled over curved lines with horns and spikes over the body and fierce oval rounded eyes.


Dragon drawing ideas for adults

There are dragon drawings here, especially for adults. The ice dragon, baby dragon, and toothless dragon drawing projects will rock for adult artists.

So, we will show some amazing ideas for you to draw a dragon of your own choice. 

Scroll down to see some not-so-basic dragon drawings!



This version has a body that is more like a snake and spikes running down the whole back, and so on. The facial features are so sharp and fierce and have a pointy tail with 

As the dragons can swim and fly at the same time, here is an image of a Dragon with wings and a fully red-colored body like a Chinese Dragon.

This one looks a little bit evil but surely an easy one to draw. Just follow the lines and have a cool Dragon drawing before you.

For Adults Artist Dragon Drawing Ideas

Dragon drawing ideas for professionals

These drawings are more detailed and highly advanced according to the level and artistic capacity of an expert. 

You can choose any dragon drawings below for your artwork with fewer or more details.

Check them out!

For Expert Artist Dragon Drawing Ideas

This one is an advanced cartoon-style drawing like the one from the ‘dragon tales’ character. You are free to make modifications according to your level and artistic skills.

This creature is super mythical and a monster, but you will surely love to draw this one. You can draw the neckline of this dragon with the S curve and a horse-like head.

Make sure to focus on the essential details like the wings and lines while creating this dragon on paper.

Final say

Hopefully, you had a wonderful time taking this colorful imaginative journey with us in this drawing collection to draw a dragon!

Don’t skip visiting our website for even more awesome drawing ideas and other art activities to rejoice.

Do follow us for more such drawing ideas and tutorials and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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