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30+ Dog Drawing Ideas | Simple and Easy Drawing

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50+ Dog Drawing ideas by viral painting

A dog is regarded as a man’s best friend because of their dependency on humans. Without a second thought, we’ve all dreamt of keeping a pet dog.

With its huge, twinkling eyes and playful behavior, the attraction of a dog is absolutely irresistible.

Their lovely features are what make them very appealing to draw, thus creating a huge demand for dog drawing ideas.

To meet our viewers’ demands, we have created this 30+ collection of drawing ideas to draw a dog, summed up into three categories – kids, adults, and professionals.

Enjoy and use your artistic skills to draw a dog!

Easy And Adorable Dog Drawings

We haven’t met a single person who doesn’t find dogs adorable and drawing is a great way to depict the love for a dog in your style.

These easy and adorable drawings on how to draw a dog will show you how you can create your very own canine pal in both cartoon style as well as realistically.

So, let’s get a tour of these drawings!

Simple And Cute Dog Drawings For Kids

Here are some cute and easy drawings of dogs specially selected for kids and novices.

Some drawings are also described below to make it easy for you to draw accordingly.

Let’s have a look!

Here is a ‘Shiro’ dog if you are a shin-chan lover. You can see that the whole body is drawn with bumpy and irregular lines. It must be very easy for you as here you don’t need to give it a perfect real look.

This drawing is of a cute little and fun dog design that is mid-run! 

Just draw some curved lines for the muzzle of the face that appears as a smiling face and a mid-run body with floppy ears in the air. 

Here is a cute one and indeed the easiest one. All you need to do is draw a perfect circle and add facial features to it.

Draw floppy ears sideways above the head with some curved lines and a tail with less than half of the body. Color in with your favorite crayons!


Dog Drawing Ideas For Adults

Under this portion, you will find drawings different from just basic shapes, lines, and squiggles. 

These drawing ideas are great for adults who want to draw a comprehensive cartoon-style dog. Here you will find plenty of cute sketches of dogs that will make any person impossible to resist drawing!

Let’s explore!

This one looks like a fluffy furry dog. All you need is some curvy, bumpy, and irregular lines to draw and give it a proper body shape of the dog. Don’t forget to add gleaming eyes.

This image is a smooth one. With light and smooth strokes, you can draw a dog in no time precisely like the reference image. 

As shown in the above image, the muzzle of the face is detailed and comprehensive.

From fluffy ears to dense gleaming eyes, everything is up to the mark. Follow the reference image, and draw like one in no time.


Dog Drawing Ideas For Professionals

If you are an expert, your priorities must be different and highly masterful. Keeping that in mind, we have collected some cute advanced realistic drawings of dogs as per your outlook.

Dive into these drawings to turn loose the creativeness!

This is a cute fluffy brown dog and its breed name is Poodle. No straight lines and shapes, just a cloud-like coating with some irregular half oval shapes. 

Do you recognize this dog? We are sure you must have seen this dog in real life.

This is Affenpinscher, they’re some of the most comical dogs you’ll ever meet. It’s so real-life looking that we can easily recognize this. Follow the reference image and draw irregular lines to portray the furs or hairs and draw the muzzle with eyes.

Here is again an Affenpinscher but only the head part. If you prefer drawing the head of the dog only, follow this reference image. It will also help you to draw the previous one as it is more clear to observe the details.


Final Say –

We hope you enjoyed this adorable collection of dog drawings and you got the perfect art exactly what you expected for.

Follow us for more day-to-day updated drawing ideas and guides.

Happy sketching!

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