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40+ Simple and Easy Cloud Drawing Ideas For 2023

Simple and Easy Cloud Drawing Ideas

Cloud drawings are a fun activity for kids and adults. Even if you’re an experienced artist, trying some of this easy cloud drawing ideas is the perfect way to get out your creativity. Let your child doodle in style with any one of these brilliant designs!

Cloud is a fun and easy subject to illustrate. It has nice, soft lines, and its roundness can be compared to a ball or an egg. These easy cloud drawing ideas will make you a master of the skies in no time!

Simple and Easy cloud drawing ideas for kids

Blue-colored cloud: This is a fun and simple cloud drawing idea for kids. Drawing it is easy, yet it looks cool. Kids can also try to use some markers to change the color.

Cloud drawings for kids are usually made of simple and colorful shapes. A cloud that looks like a face with a hat is a perfect example. This simple shape will be the starting point for your cloud drawing idea, so you must add some details to bring it to life.

Cloud with raindrops: Usually, clouds are white and fluffy, but this one has dark spots. You can use any color for the drawing or make shapes like raindrops.

You must draw a big cloud shape and add drops to it with a marker or a crayon. This cloud drawing idea is simple, but it looks cool, especially if you use markers.

A cloud with raindrops is a happy cloud and kids can make it nicely without extra effort. Save this art to use for your upcoming projects.

This cloud drawing is easy for beginners and can be used anywhere from a single sketch to the scenery of a hut surrounded by forest and mountains. Go for it, my friends.

Easy To Make Cloude Drawing Ideas For Beginners Kids Artist. Not all clouds are the same, they might look similar. Draw this cloud a bit uniquely.

This cloud art for kids is ideal for all kinds of sketches. Take your thick marker and draw the cloud shape as shown in the attached idea.

Cute cloud drawing for kids is the most loved sketch by children. Here add some details inside your cloud for making it look natural.

I bet you will also say, these clouds are leaf like. Try this floral patterned cloud drawing under the guidance of your elders if feeling stuck.


Easy cloud drawing ideas for adults

Rainbow cloud: This is a cool cloud drawing idea. You can draw it with all kinds of colors. If your child likes to draw many colors, then go for all shades. This will make your cloud more realistic and interesting!

Shaded cloud: This is a really cute cloud drawing idea for adults. You can draw it with something like water or a pencil.

The darker the shape is, the deeper your cloud will be. This is an easy way to draw a cloud that looks more realistic than most of the ones you see in pictures.


I love looking at the sky and feeling every second passing in front of my eyes. This Cloud drawing cartoon can do wonders for any painting.

Try a realistic cloud drawing and keep the things clean for leaving an eye-catchy effect.

Feel the energy from the rising sun and clouds drawing ideas for adult artists. Make beautiful long light rays.

Cute Cloud dreawing ideas. Refer to the given cloud drawing easy for turning a simple art into something one can never imagine.

Make an easy cloud as shown in the attached cloud drawing idea. The curls are the most distinctive thing ‘bout this specific art.

Easy to make cloud drawing ideas. Keep this cloud drawing realistic idea close to you as it is going to help your every painting achieve the next level of charm and charisma.

Love this flat aesthetic drawing perfect for adults of the 21st century following the fashionable trends of the century in every aspect of life.

Cloud drawing ideas 2023

Rotate your pencils to add details to this fantastic cloud with thunder drawing best for beginners adults and experts.

Simple cloud drawing ideas for experts

Cloud With Sun: A cloud with stars and sun is an original idea for expert drawings. It’s also a good reminder that there are still surprises in the day. This drawing is not for children.

This cloud is a fun idea for adults. Use a pencil or an eraser to make it smooth and colorful. Use different colors to shade it and add some stars too! Have fun with this!

The sun is hiding behind three sexy clouds with dots and dust particles drawn over it. Do not ignore adding dark colors and detailed Sun rays.

Walk an extra step with this complex cloud and sun drawing for expert people where the sun rays is taking over all the background space.

Clouds in a circle: This cloud is a perfect example of how the shape of a cloud can be used as an artistic tool. Different shades are used to draw this cool circle-shaped cloud.

An extremely simple form; it is easy to do and looks very good. You can also use other shapes for this, but imagine the possibilities if you know how to do it with circles!

This cloud drawing idea is really simple yet cool. For this art project, you have to draw a big circle and fill it with different shades of gray and other colors to give it a realistic look.

This cloud drawing is both simple and cool. It is made of simple shapes, but it looks really good. You have to draw lines that connect the shape and add some clouds on top as if the sky was about to reach them.

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Take over your drawing with this stunning rainy cloud idea. You can draw its shape with free hand movement.

This unique modern cloud art is best for professionals who are willing to add superb sky to their paintings. Remember that the inner lines are what makes this art more attractive and valuable. 

Have your pencils and get to work with this cloud with the hiding sun sketch idea.

Draw this pretty 3 cloud variations in size and the sun complementing the day with its amazing long warm rays.


Cloud drawing is a fun activity for kids. There are many different ways to draw clouds, be creative with the shapes you use for it and enjoy your time by doing this neat cloud drawing ideas. Your sketches are bound to look amazing!

Children tend to doodle a lot, so this is a good activity for them. And adults can also have fun with these simple cloud drawing ideas.

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