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70+ Simple and Easy Clock Drawing Ideas For All Aged Artists (Kids, Adults, and Expert)

70+ Simple and Easy Clock Drawing Ideas For All Aged Artists (Kids, Adults, and Expert)

As an artist, you can create many different types of drawings, from simple shapes to complex images. But in my experience, a clock is one of the simplest yet most rewarding drawings. It’s a great activity for beginners and beginners that anyone can learn how to do in their own time. In this article, I will talk about the process of how to create a clock and how you can choose from one of 70+ different drawing ideas.

Simple and clock drawing ideas for kids:

Cartoon alarm clock: This is an easy drawing of a classic cartoon-style alarm clock. You can draw several different types of clocks, such as the Japanese style, vintage clocks, and so on. However, choosing something that goes with your style is better. This way, you will be comfortable working on your project.

Colorful wall clock: There are many ways to create a colorful clock. One of the easier ways is to use markers and colored pencils. You can choose to make your clock with just one color or insert different colors around the background, depending on what you think looks best. The choice is yours!

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Simple and easy clock drawing for beginners

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Black and white sketch clock drawing ideas for kids artist 2023

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Simple clock drawing ideas for adults.

Square shape clock: This is a simple drawing you can try if you love working with sharp lines. This one is for you if you like minimalism. All you have to do is use black pens to create a square shape and then go over it with a contrasting color on the corners of the box.

Clock numbers: For another simple clock drawing, try using different colored markers or pencils to create clock numbers. If you want to get the execution right, it is a good idea to practice on your own first. The more you practice, the better your result will be.

Drawing clock hands might seem challenging, but it’s not impossible for beginners. To simplify this task, choose a clock similar to the one you are drawing and copy its style and design. You can create different types of clocks, such as one with numbers or Roman numerals.

These clocks drawing ideas for adults artist

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Round Easy clock drawing for adults beginners artist

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Clock drawing ideas for experts

Round the clock: You can create a round-the-clock using graphite pencils or charcoal. You can work on the background first and keep the clock face simple or have the numbers drawn out in detail, depending on whether you are creating it for yourself or someone else.

Modern digital clock: This idea is perfect for your needs if you are working with a digital alarm clock. All you need to do is find a picture of your own and use it as a reference before you start drawing. This is a great drawing for people that want to draw their clock and feel comfortable doing so.

Wristwatch: This is the easiest of them all! All you need to do is sketch out a circle and add the numbers. Once you have created two hands, you are done. To make it more interesting, try using different colors for the hands and numbers to create diversity in your artwork.


With so many different types of clocks available, there must be one that will catch your eye. Whether a simple wristwatch or a colorful wall clock, pick one that suits you best. I hope this article will inspire you to do something new and exciting with your drawing skills.

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List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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