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Unique 36+ Alien Drawing Ideas – Viral Painting

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30+ ALIEN Drawing Ideas For All Aged Artists In 2023

Drawing aliens is fun because you can let your imagination run wild and be creative. Anyone from kids to adults can draw them, and with the following tutorials, you’ll be able to do it in no time!

So set aside a few hours for artistic fun with these easy drawing ideas for kids, adults, and expert artists.

Aliens are a fascinating topic and something that is bound to spark the imagination. This site has plenty of information to get you started on the topic.

You’ll also get some great drawing tips and learn tips as well. These are sure to help improve your drawing skills as well.

Simple and easy alien drawing ideas

Colorful Alien: This is one of the easiest drawing ideas for kids to draw. Color it in with crayons, colored markers, or colored pencils. This cute little alien is as easy to draw as it gets. It’s a great choice for kids who are just starting with drawing.

Simply draw an oval as shown in the photo, draw 2 more for the eyes, and finally the nose. Isn’t it simple and easy alien art for kids?

Who told you kids can’t draw a cute alien with UFO? What about this painting of an alien sitting in a UFO drawing for children?

Firstly, make an egg-like shape and then give eyes to your alien. Fill light green shades in the eyes and slightly light blue shade in his face skin.

Cartoon Alien: This drawing idea with the cartoon alien design is great for young artists to try. They can color it in with crayons or colored markers and then draw shapes around his head and even his eyes.

Just copy the position of the cartoon alien’s eyes and try to draw some rest of his body. You might want to keep drawing more on your own until you get a feel for how a cartoon alien is supposed to look.

I hope you will have complete fun while working with this simple alien art. Best for children who are new to painting.


An alien is flying in space and sitting in UFO, observe the details carefully and then trace the same on your canvas.


Eliminate your fear of one-eye aliens with this picture shown here as your best alien drawing in 2023.

Freely draw an alien face and his bright eyes. Leave the face uncolored and the eyes deep darker.

If you’re looking for easy drawings of aliens, these ideas should get you started, and they’re sure to impress the rest of your family!

They’re very simple drawings, but they’ll still look good. It’s really up to you how you want to color it or even do a different shade of the same color. You won’t believe how easy these aliens are to copy and draw.


Easy alien drawing ideas for adults:

Alien showing finger: Color this alien with crayons or markers to give him a colorful look. Draw his legs as well, and then you can also draw his fingers. Make sure you draw them naturally, such as bent up like they’re holding something or pointing it out.

So people if you are into art lately, this is what you will surely wanna try. Just keep the coloring your top attentive part. 

It is an Alien pointing to the sky drawing and can be used as a reference for anyone with a little art experience.

I don’t know what this alien is exactly doing but it looks more like he is dancing with his heart out loud. Never mind!

Alien in the spaceship: This drawing idea with the alien in a spaceship is another one of the best ways to illustrate a character wearing an alien’s suit.

This drawing idea will help you to draw an alien’s suit. Being open to different ideas, you can try coloring it with different colors and drawing some interesting shapes around the main figure.

Try this huge smile alien painting for adults that required a good finish touch.

Have a fun time, invite your mates and try this little tough alien drawing 2023.

I think this alien is dressed as a robot. You can change the dress color if you wish to.

A UFO, an alien, and the rain. We got the 3 main subjects here in this beautiful alien art for adult people who love sketching.


Alien drawing ideas for experts:

Three Aliens together: You can draw aliens together as one group in this drawing idea. They should have a different poses so you can take them from different angles. Draw each of the aliens on paper, but then give them to someone else to create a group of three after finishing.

They should be drawn to look like they’re posing for your camera. Each artist will have a different idea about drawing an alien; this is just one possible solution.


The given picture of the alien drawing for professionals depicts the team of alpha leaders of space aliens who might be planning to go on a mission on another planet. Gosh!

Detailed Alien drawing: In this drawing idea, you can draw an alien in more detailedly. Don’t forget to add some of your ideas and creativity to it.

Otherwise, it will look too much like the original and not enough like one of your creations. No rule says you have to draw it exactly how it looks in the original image.

You can easily add more details, such as buttons on his pants or even a belt. You can also draw a different alien expression on his face and even give him some hair or facial hair. You can realize how this drawing idea became very detailed with just a couple of additions.

This female alien drawing is perfect for expert artists who know how to work on details. Also, this best alien art for professionals has a fuller tummy and two antennas as well.

Wave hello to this pretty aged old alien King. It seems like he got some superpowers, make sure to draw him nicely so that he can be your best friend. Haha!

Damn! These eyes are like a goddess alien. Decorate her head with a flaunty flower crown.

What do you think about this green alien drawing tough, it has big eyes and small hands. What a beauty.

I am amazed because I never thought aliens can be fitness freaks too. Try out this body builder alien drawing this day and influence your mates.


These are just some of the many drawing ideas for drawings, alien drawings. They’re basic and simple drawings to copy, but they have a good design that’s very easy to follow.

You’ll find them very easy to do, and with the following tips, you’ll be able to draw any of these aliens in no time. You can even draw all of them in one sitting if you want to. These are just some ideas to get you started, and you might find that drawing aliens is more fun than you thought it would be.

You don’t have to draw just the same as they did in the original image. It’s all up to your imagination and drawing skills. Don’t let an artist’s drawing style discourage you from trying something different.

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