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40+ Simple and Cute Unicorn Cat Drawings Ideas For All Aged Artists for 2023

40+ Simple and Cute Unicorn Cat Drawings Ideas For All Aged Artists for 2023

Unicorns are probably the most beautiful mythological creatures that everyone loves, whether a kid or an adult. 

We’ve all dreamt of seeing a unicorn cat in real life, but the possibility of actually glimpsing one is near impossible.

But there is no need to feel disappointed since we have wonderful magic called art that can bring everything to life!

Through art, we can learn to draw a unicorn cat instead.

By drawing a unicorn cat, you can feel it up very close and personal.

So, to satisfy everyone’s fascination to see a unicorn cat virtually, here we present you 40+ unicorn cat drawings Ideas for all ages and these drawing ideas will get you a good fun time while reviving a unicorn cat to life!

Let’s spread some magic around with these unique unicorn cat drawing ideas for all ages including kids, that are just gorgeous! 

Simple and enthralling unicorn cat drawings ideas

It’s Unicorn Day on the 9th of April, yes, you heard it right, A Unicorn Day!! 

If you’re just like me and you adore unicorns, you’ll also agree that the unicorn totally deserves its own day and that has to be very special!

The unicorn is a lovely fictitious mythical creature that is essentially a cat with a couple of wings and a sharp, pointed horn assembled to its forehead.

As unicorn cats have a lot of fictitious traits, drawing them may get complicated.

Scrolling down will make you experience some of the descriptions along with illustrations that will serve as your visual guide as you pursue the reference images, making the procedure a lot easier and fun for you.

All you expect to have is a piece of sheet and your favorite drawing gadgets and you’re all set to bring a unicorn cat to real life!

Let’s begin!

Easy unicorn cat drawings for kids

Unicorns stimulate feelings of love, innocence, and kindness, stuff that are getting increasingly rare in this world.

Unicorns symbolize everything pure, glorious, and enchanted in the world, just like kids. 

It’s only ordinary for kids to have an imperishable bond with unicorns! 

So, here are a variety of drawing ideas for kids for creating a glorious and adorable unicorn cat with ease!

Go slow and try to draw the face or head first! You can fill any bright color you like inside the horn as shown in the above picture. 

A cat cum human holding food! Interesting right? You can also draw such sketches to sprinkle some magic over your art.

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Or you can go for something even cuter like the above one! What about a cat celebrating its birthday or eating a cupcake? 

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Simple unicorn cat drawing ideas for adults

Unicorn cats carry a fascination for adults as well since they not only reflect goodness, happiness, and peace but also exemplify the hope for all the stardust-covered yearns we want in our lives.

So, adults, below are some unicorn cat drawing ideas just prepared for you!

A happy playful cat with a layered beautiful tail can never be the wrong choice!

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Here is a colorful version of a playful cat! Add bright soft colors to the layers of the tail and horn.

You can also add blush to the cheeks of your cat to beautify the art.

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Unicorn cat drawing ideas for professionals

Unicorn cats symbolize the ultimate desires that we all want to achieve no matter how skilled or experienced we are in our life.

The same applies to art! No matter how skilled or experienced artists are, unicorns always excite us to draw!

So if you are also someone who is an experienced artist and loves unicorn cats, you are fortunately in the right place!

Have a look at these beauties!


Being an expert, it’s not hard to add extra details to the art unless receiving fresh ideas. So here is an example as shown above of how you can add background details.

You can also draw heart-shaped balloons or leaves surrounding the unicorn cat.

A unicorn cat within a circle design made of flowers and leaves patterns.


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The last word —

We hope you admire this quick-to-go collection of unicorn cat drawings. If you had a nice time drawing a unicorn, then you’ll surely have fun while drawing other fictitious creatures like a unicorn horse!

Don’t forget to check out our drawing ideas catalog to explore more such interesting drawings.

Stay connected and keep taking on challenges to draw more!

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