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100+ Mountain Painting Ideas For Beginners Artist

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100+ Mountain Painting Ideas 2022

Are you a Mountain Person? Let us give you the best mountain painting ideas to inspire you in making the mountain painting.

Through Acrylic Paintings are easier to draw than watercolor and other medium paintings – many artists and painters experienced it. Our mountain painting ideas apply to any type of paint.

Grab your Canvas, Stencils, Water/ Oil/ Acrylic/ Crayon colors (any medium you like), brushes, a cloth, and drawing sheets. Let’s get started!

Easy Mountain Painting Ideas

There are many ways of drawing mountains –you can draw hills in all the ways you can imagine.

It could be mountains with sunrise, mountains with sunset and birds, the river flowing between two peaks easy mountain painting; mountains covered with snow, melted and icy hills, Forest Mountains, black and white mountain painting ideas, and many more.

You can pick the desired article from the latest collection of mountain paintings. However, people often choose landscape mountain paintings to draw as their hobby painting, or as school project mountain painting ideas.

How to Decorate with Mountain Paintings

Interior decoration is a must for making a home look inviting and friendly – people choose most of the wall décor and floor covering for uplifting the ambiance of their places.

Paintings look expensive and antique when added as decoration accessories to any room. You can hang your best art and even the basic paintings on the wall for major transformation.

Mountains add a texture of nature and calmness – you can consider mountain paintings to add as the attire of the living room wall.

Allow yourself to explore the vast collection of easy mountain painting ideas and color them according to the color scheme of your home.

Place the beautiful mountain painting on a decent side table or corner accent furniture to add a focal point to a room.

100+ Mountain Painting Ideas For Every Artist Beginners to Professional

Add some colors to your life and create something you will be proud of – we have easy mountain painting for kids, intermediate for beginners, and exceptional decorative mountain painting for professional artists and experienced people.

Paint this stunning mountain painting with gradient red shades. It is easy to draw for beginners and professionals.

Disclaimer – In this article, we have displayed the art of many artists. Read More

For an ultimate effect on viewers, draw this unique pink mountain picture and color down from your pink palette.

Do you love pink sky? Look at this awesome pink mountain drawing idea with a lake and flowers planted all around the fields.

By Artist @dhaniitra

Paint a tiny stone with a mountain covered with snow and shining with the warm sun rays.

By Artist @topaz_cat.94

This art drawing mountain idea is a masterpiece in itself because it is painted with such a beautiful texture and distinct shades.

Draw and paint dawn and dusk gorgeously with watercolors. It is an ideal mountain scenery art for experts.

By Artist @artist.pallabi

Frame a snowy hill standing like a rock under a blue pretty sky. Use a brush for adding stars like the look above the head.

By Artist @svenjakeup

This is a layered painting art made by using light warm shades of brown, green, blue and white. It is perfect for beginners, experts and adults.

By Artist @_burnin_vibes_

If you are into home decor, you can take reference from the given painting idea for home decorations.

Allow you to dive completely into a heavenly ocean made in the sky with blurry soft clouds ganged up with hills.

A night view drawing is worth stealing everyone’s attention. It is said to be the most rich and most luxurious mountain painting idea.

By Artist @artofalisha

Draw this mind-blowing spectacular drawing with black mountains that have scenery of birds, grass, and white cherry blossoms.

Show your love towards the sunset sky drawing, and use your patience to bring out the best with this drawing idea 2023.

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This magical mountain scenery drawing is indescribable. You will catch yourself lost in the painting, it is ideal for professionals but anyone can have its shot.

By Artist @paro.mita

Draw an elegant pair of purple and blue sky paintings with different shades of mountains.

This mountain painting art idea is perfect for gifting loved ones and for using as a home decor accessory.

Make the heart-catchy dark purple night sky with black mountains.

By Artist @arts_s_thetic

Paint this fancy drawing with multicolor shades that looks totally divine and magical.

Draw the hot weather reflection in blue waters with huge mountains in the background.

I love this decent mountain art for girls, it’s best for beginners and experts.

Make this realistic scenery of mountains, grass and a flirty sky. Students and professionals can use it for special occasions.

Do you love fabric painting? Then try this forest view drawing idea to nail your work.

By Artist @reneejenart

Have a quick art session with your watercolour and canvas – try this easy to make simple and beautiful mountain art.

If you are into DIY projects then we got you covered with this exciting hills, birds and moon drawing idea.

By Artist @ejsdart

Add the colors of life to your art and bring a magical touch. Refer to the above photo.

By Artist @jazwdraws

Try out this expert painting idea and bring the best out of best from your skills.

By Artist @sayawanitaart

This gray huge mountain painting with a white rough texture looks mesmerizing with a background of a light pastel sky full of yellow bright stars. Do you love star gazing, this spot must be a perfect dream location for you!

By Artist @sayawanitaart

Collect the colors of your wish and start spreading with a little mess to have the best attractive ocean drawing with an evening sky view.

This spot must be somewhere around a hilly area, look at the icy ground, and hills covered with snow. Here the sky has a moon, shaded in pink and light sky blue clouds.

By Artist @ginn_artwork

Volcano mountain drawing is a superb and very rare painting idea that you should give a try.

Paint the big solid mountain with a camouflage that looks like shade.

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Enjoy yourself while working with this textured painting and earn the admiration of people around you. 

By Artist @marrys_things

check out this mountain near a river painting for beginners where the atmosphere is quiet and warm but the land seems shining with the winter cold.

By ARTIST @endsmeetart

Here we have the easy watercolor mountain sketch idea for beginners and art-loving people, who want to show their inner world of pretty environment and hills.

By Artist @hereismybrush

Try this purple, blue and pink sky over the mountain painting idea best for every artist.

Have a look at this stunning mountain painting with a black huge hill and a yellow sky. Here the bright yellow is the reflection of the hot sunset. You will love painting it on your canvas.

Open up your pretty mind and try working with this green land hilly area covered with flowers of distinctive species.

The oval mountain painting with snow is here to bless you with natural beauty!

By Artist @saroshdesigns

Draw this frame sunset view mountain painting with blue clouds. use blue shades of different codes to make a perfect gradient.

Try this sexy chalk mountain art. Gift it to someone close to your heart.

By Artist @musebymej

The round canvas is often used to paint for the art presentation or to hang somewhere for decorating purposes.

By Artist @it_be_art

This green sky and black mountain view with the moon and birds look stunning and very unique.

By Artist @art_by_gabesco

The evening view mountain with blue background is an awesome choice to use your watercolors to draw stunning art. 

By Artist @sakina_guzia

I love this oval mountain painting idea with land covered with light bright snow and some desert sand.

By Artist @saroshdesigns

This rectangular black mountain picture painting is professionally drawn and has the power to attract anyone towards it.

By Artist @saroshdesigns

This rectangular black mountain picture painting is professionally drawn and has the power to attract anyone towards it.

The big mountains by the river are leaving an awesome glance. It looks like the wild animals must be living around happily for years

By Artist @reeshasart

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Realistic mountain painting idea best for beginners is here to amaze you. Cover the land with sparkling snow and add some trees around.

In this mountain painting idea, you can see Christmas trees covered with ice and a breezy climate. let‘s paint it on canvas.

By Artist @artcave1999

Take a white paper sheet and color it as shown to paint the best easy mountain view.

By Artist @caseyh_art_

By Artist @carriepillart

By Artist @artbykatieann

By Artist @tinyartbylrg

By Artist @reks_786

By Artist @charviashtekar

By Artist @sayawanitaart

By Artist @tresagibson

By Artist @jacquelinetingey

By Artist @emilydwanart



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