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60+ Most Cute and Easy Drawing Ideas For Every Artist | Step By Step Drawing | Cute Drawing 2022

60+ Cute drawing ideas for beginners artist

Looking for inspiration and a guide to learning how to draw cute drawings?

We have unlimited surprises for you!

Make your artwork seem effortless.

You do not have to grab tons of shades and mediums.

Just pick a drawing sheet, a marker, and colors and you are ALL SET to take off!

Why do you need a How to draw a guide for Painting Pictures?

Painting pictures may look tough to people who never tried making the art.

It is because a complete picture always seems complicated – and it leaves you in the thought as it is not your cup of tea.

Though the paintings look hard to draw at first however you can easily draw them after taking the first step.

With the right guidance and direction to draw a certain picture, anyone can achieve a good result even at the first attempt at the art.

 Best How to Draw Guide Tutorial in 5 minutes

We have created the easiest and quick steps to achieve your end goal.

Follow the instructions given with each drawing and you will get astonishing results!

All you need to carefully understand is the simple approach used in the video tutorials!

Let’s NOW learn to sketch various paintings, pictures, characters, and animals in less than 10 minutes!

1. How to Draw Cute Lion?

Lion can be cute and innocent too, just in paintings and drawing!

Our tutorial is an easy way for kids to draw a cute lion.

2. How to Draw a Cute Rabbit?

In this video tutorial, you will learn how to draw a rabbit in easy steps.

Start drawing head with a marker, pen, or anything you like!

Complete the physique carefully and draw the carrot.

3. How to Draw a Guitar?

Learn how to draw a guitar.

Once you are done tracing handle and strings;

Complete the drawing by adding vibrant colors to it. Start from handle and strings first.

4. How to Draw a Tractor Easy?

In the easy video tutorial, you will learn how to draw a tractor easily.

Start from the wheels and then carefully draw the seat and the engine part of your project.

That’s it!

5. How to Draw Popcorn Boxes in Simple Ways?

With the help of a video guide, you can match the steps with the video.

You will not only learn to make a popcorn box but also draw its cute face.

Have Fun!

6. How to Draw a Beautiful Seashell?

Picture the most alluring seashell from the guide given below.

Slowly add patterns of the shell with a marker and fill the desired colours.

Isn’t it easy?

7. How to Draw a Juicy Peach?

Peaches are the sweetest and sourest fruit that everyone loves.

Get the inspiration and learn how to draw a peach!

Learn drawing the topmost part to the bottom of peach in simple ways!

8. How to Draw a Tent Perfectly?

Drawing a tent can never be the easiest till you reach out here.

Express your love for camping with only a marker and a sheet of paper.

Start drawing the edges and base of the tent and colour the cloth with your favourite shades!

9. How to Draw an Apple for Kids?

To make the cute apple in simple steps, reach out to the given video.

It is the best guide on how to draw a cute apple for Students and kids!

10. How to Draw a Hulk Step By Step?

Become the superhero of your class and learn to draw hulk in simple ways.

Grab your Pencil and start tracing beast hulk with us!

11. How to Draw a Cute Raccoon Easily?

Raccoons are cute and lovely.

This is an easy how to draw raccoon guide!

Share it with your toddlers and friends to make them joy the art of drawing!

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12. How to Draw an Elephant in Easy Ways?

Drawing an elephant is always great FUN!

Learn the instant ways to bring out an elephant without making the process complex!

Follow our guide and see yourself excelling in the paintings. Cute Elephant Drawing

13. How to Draw a Rainbow in the Sky?

The rainbow drawing needs all seven shades – violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.

To add some cheer and delight tones to the rainbow. Cute Rainbow Drawing

You can draw the cute face, arms and legs to it.

14. How to Draw a Cute Rose?

Roses are soothing to the heart but drawing each layer can be a tough task.

Learn how to make a rose with your pencil or marker by simply starting the process with a video guide.

Enjoy The Cute Rose Drawing Easy

15. How to Draw a Cute Cat in Simple Ways?

Are you a Cat person? It is an easy-to-draw cat guide.

Picture down your cat in easy ways step by step!

16. How to Draw a Cute Facial Strawberry?

Accelerate the fun of drawing by adding a taste of the fun to it.

Draw the delicious mouth-watering strawberry by following the steps given in the video! Cute Cake Drawing

17. How to Draw a Yummy Cone Of an Ice Cream?

Most paintings reflect the adoring sides of art.

Treat yourself to tasty ice cream this summer.

Learn how to draw an ice cream cute in easy steps!

Enjoy Cute Ice Cream Drawing

18. How to Draw a Cute Sweet Home?

Do you love animations? They are simply fantastic!

Draw the pretty structure of a home by the best guide given below.

You can give the desired finish by colouring as per your choice!

19. How to Draw a Cute Cactus?

Looking for simple ways to draw cacti for beginners?

I’m sure the following video guide on how to draw a cute cactus will uplift your art bug!

20. How to Draw Step By Step Caterpillar?

Want to excel at the caterpillar drawing?

Follow the given simple guide to draw a caterpillar with us.

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21. How to Draw a Cute Toffee?

Do you want to draw an easy and beautiful drawing of a candy?

Play the video guide and start making your first toffee art.

Start from the circle and draw the lines as per the tutorial.

22. How to Draw a Cute Bottle?

Make your art projects stand out from the rest.

Are you seeking easy ways to draw a bottle?

The video will teach you to make the decorative cute bottle drawing!

23. How to draw a Piggy Little Quickly?

Learn how to draw a cute pig with the help of the video guide.

You will learn step by step ways to make a beautiful cartoony pig!

24. How to draw a cute Bunny?

Do you love bugs bunny?

In this video, you will be taught how to draw and colour the rabbit easily and quickly.

Enjoy! Cute Rabbit Drawing

25. How to Draw a Cute Flower?

We have created an instant step to step way how to draw a cute flower!

It has a bunch of three flowers and leaves.

Reach out to the video and start learning now.

26. How to Draw a Cute Umbrella?

Children love drawing different designs of the umbrella.

Give wings to your imagination and draw the most alluring art.

The following guide will teach how to make an umbrella easily!

27. How to Draw an Eye-Catchy Ladybug?

Let’s picture down your favorite cute insect on the drawing sheet.

Follow the video guide and draw step-by-step ladybugs by easy method.

28. How to Draw a Cute White Lamb?

Lambs are always cute, they look childish and forgiving.

Today, you will learn how to draw a lamb in easy ways.

Click on the given guide and start now!

29. How to Draw a Cute Turnip?

Are you a veggie lover?

Make the drawing more fun and add cuteness to it.

Learn how to draw a cute turnip step by step.

You will also learn to colour the turnip in easy ways through the following video guide!

30. How to Draw a Cute Squirrel?

Squirrels are one of the cutest creatures of nature.

Open the given tutorial;

And learn how to draw cute and notorious squirrels step by step!

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31. How to Draw a Pink Cute Candy?

Anyone can picture the ordinary things, and be an extraordinary artist by adding life to the things.

Make out the best candy drawing and learn how to draw cute candy.

In the following video guide on candy, you will have enough to learn!

32. How to Draw a Cute Unicorn Horse?

The following tutorial will teach you how to draw a horse that looks like a charming unicorn.

Simple and easy ways to draw horses will encourage you to try more drawings and paintings.

Start today and decorate your gallery!

33. How to Draw A Little Chicken Cute

The yellow chicken looks super cute and today you will be guided on how you can also draw them on the sheets.

Learn easy steps to draw a little cute chicken.

Follow the given video tutorial and learn quickly!

Cute Bird Drawing Easy, 

34. How to Draw a Cute Bee?

My Dog stepped on the bee! It’s the most popular meme nowadays.

Express your love for bees and memes through the following guide on how to draw a cute bee in easy ways.

Step by step, you will also learn how to colour the bee drawing!

35. How to Draw a Cute Fish?

Aquatic animals have their indescribable beauty. Are you a beginner and want to learn how to draw a cute fish under the water?

By the following tutorial, you can quickly learn how to draw and colour a fish. Cute Fish Drawing,

36. How to Draw a Puffer Fish Easily?

Watching your favorite pufferfish has always been super fun.

Ever thought of sketching them?

Learn how to draw a cute and chubby pufferfish.

Start the video tutorial to begin the Step-by-Step with us.

38. How to Draw White Cute Cow?

Learn picturing down a beautiful white cow with us.

Video dictates very easy steps cute cow drawing.

It will make you understand the approach how to draw a cow!

39. How to Draw Cute Cherry?

Draw the pair of cute red facial cherries.

Click on the video and grab all the easy and simple ways to make cherry.

40. How to Draw Cute Bananas?

I love drawing bananas as much as eating them.

Let your kids sketch the fruit Step-by-Step.

Learn how to draw cartoony bananas with more creativity!

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41. How to Draw Little Cute Penguins?

Are you into animals? I love polar creatures.

Now you can easily draw them with our quick steps.

It will take only a few minutes; let’s learn Cute Penguin Drawing

42. How to Draw Watermelon?

Draw your favourite fruits this summer.

In this easy tutorial to draw a watermelon, you will get to learn how to sketch beautiful & delicious summer fruit in minutes!

43. How to Draw Cute Joyful Joker?

Be happy and make people laugh.

Start your journey of art by picturing the epitome of happiness.

The given guide provides quick ways to draw a joker.


44. How to Draw Charming Rainbow?

Draw the cute rainbow shimmering from the clouds.

Click below the video link and learn to draw rainbow easy.

45. How to Draw Easy Cute Panda?

It all starts from circles.

Make elliptical circles in meaningful ways.

Follow the guide carefully to learn how to draw a Cute Panda Drawing easily.

46. How to Draw Cute Cat?

This tutorial will help you sketch down the little gorgeous cat.

You can make shiny eyes and bow at the neck of the cat.

Follow the given tutorial and excel at art! Cute Cat Drawing

47. How to Draw Bamboo Plant?

We have created the easiest guide for all beginners to draw bamboo.

Make yourself proud and picture the cutest bamboo plant on your sheets!

48. How to Draw a Pink Bird?

Impress your friends and class teachers.

Draw the alluring ocean and beach bird with a crown and a heart!

Refer to the video to draw a pink bird in easy and simple ways.

49. How to Draw Cute Fries Snacks?

Do you want to learn to make Macdonald’s tasty fries?

It will take only 5-10 minutes for a beginner.

Learn today to draw cute aloo snacks with the help of the given video tutorial!

50. How to Draw Santa Clause?

Draw and gift the most effective Christmas character to your loved ones.

Picture down the Santa in his red deluxe outfit!

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51. How to Draw Spongebob?

Beginners need to try this for sure!

A Spongbob is both cute and easy to draw.

Learn how to draw a cute SpongeBob by following the given video guide made for you.

52. How to Draw Ghost?

Kids love to draw strange things, especially horror ones.

Sketch a cute ghost and showcase your artistic skills in the most influencing ways!

53. How to Draw Lovely Ice Santa?

Draw the lovely cute Ice Santa and express your belief in love & affection.

You can start learning how to draw Christmas Ice Santa right.

Follow the given steps to unleash your hidden artist!

54. How to Draw a Cute Doll?

Do you love drawing dolls but don’t know how to start?

Learn to make the best Sketch of a darling doll.

Just trace down the steps with us and you’re all DONE!

You can pause the video in between if you needed to.

55. How to Draw Cute Animals by Circles?

Follow the tutorial to make cute animals by yourself.

Our end goal is to teach you quick and time-saving techniques.

56. How to Draw Animals by Triangle?

Start picturing down the tough drawing just by starting from the triangle.

Learn how to draw cartoony animals. Cute Animals Drawing

57. How to Draw 6 Cute Animals?

In the following guide, you will learn to make even complicated sketches in easy ways.

It all starts from penciling down the circles for the face.

Follow the tutorial to complete the drawing.

Enjoy The Easy Cute Drawing For Kids

58. How to Draw Cute Scorpio?

What’s your zodiac?

Well, mine is different too!

Learn how to draw a super cute Scorpio coming from the shell!

60. How to Draw a Colorful Heart?

Another best tutorial for kids and beginners is to learn how to draw a colorful heart.

Grab your favorite shades and let’s get started! Cute Heart Drawing.

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61. How to Draw Mickey Mouse?

Drawing Disney’s most popular Micky Mouse is one of every kid’s dreams.

Today, you can also draw the same with excellence and perfection!

Learn how to draw the super cute Mickey Mouse in 1 minute.

Enjoy Cute Mickey Mouse Drawing

62. How to Draw a Cute Giraffe?

Draw the most beautiful animal giraffe in simple steps.

Impress your mates with your top-notch drawing skills!

63. How to Draw Cold Coffee Cups?

I know you must be a coffee lover!

Learn how you can express your deep cravings for coffee;

Join us to draw the picture-perfect coffee cup with a straw.

64. Cute Dog Drawing

65. Simple Cute Girl Drawing

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Reasons Why We Are Unique – Viralpainting

Before moving further, let me tell a little about why our guides on how to make simple and cute drawings in easy ways are the best.

Many of you must have been learning some drawing skills on your behalf or from some other prominent platform.

We call ourselves unique because our team follows an out-of-the-box approach to delivering art content.

To all the characters of our drawing, whether it is a how-to-draw a rose, how to draw a rabbit, how to draw a bee, how to draw an elephant easy, or any other living or non-living thing!

An exceptional taste and FUN are added to each art.

  • We give STEPS BY STEP guide.
  • Our methods are simple and easiest.
  • Facial features are added to each drawing to polish up the art.

That simply means you will see the CUTE, KIND, and SPECIAL faces in each of our how-to-draw tutorials.

It all contributes to making ‘Viral Painting’ an incredible and rare platform for learning painting!

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

The Bottom Line

Hopefully, you enjoyed the learning session.

The entire how to draw cute drawing are simplest and the most awesome work of art!

You can share the step-by-step video guide with your friends who love to draw.

Have fun!

Learn Art!

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