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How to Wash Oil Paint Brushes?

How to Wash Oil Paint Brushes

While working with oil paints become a complex situation, when you want to wash your oil paintbrushes. Wash your oil paint brushes requires proper items and instructions to get good results.

Items you are required:-

  1. Paper towel/newspaper
  2. Paint thinner(Recommended- Gamblin Odorless Solvent)
  3. Soap(Recommended – Chelsea Classical Studio Professional Artists Hand Soap)
  4. Some old cups or mugs
  5. Oil paintbrush cleaner(Recommended – Chroma Brush Cleaner, or The Master’s Brush Cleaner)
  6. Gloves

What to avoid:-

  • Paint strippers
  • Wire paint combs
  • Detergent

The process:-

  • Firstly, get rid of paintbrushes of as much excess oil paint as possible
  • Then break down the remaining oil paint
  • Lastly resting the brushes

Clean your oil paint brushes with baby oil

1. To begin this method, you will want to coat your paintbrushes in baby oil. Do your best to ensure that the baby oil is spread enough to cover the brush. The primary focus here will be to ensure that every bristle has been touched by the baby oil. This will help you to get most paint off quickly.

2. After you have coated the brush, you would begin cleaning the bristles. Use your fingers or a soft cloth to wipe the extra oil and paint from the hairs of the brushes. Avoid breaking any bristles during this process to increase the life of your brushes.

3. The best approach here is to ensure that you are slow. Focus on wiping from the base of the hairs to their tips in order to get any residual paint just to ensure you do not leave anything behind.

Clean your oil paint brushes with linseed oil

1. This oil method is perfect for artists seeking to sound a little fancier. Linseed oil is another friendly and easily available option for cleaning your paintbrushes easily.

2.  To begin this process, you will first need to take the amount of linseed oil and pour some on a piece of paper. This is the most constructive way when you use any kind of rough paper instead of traditional printer paper. Place the brush bristles in the linseed oil.

3. After you have soaked one side, start rotating your brush. Your motto here is to get as much oil on the brush as possible. Coat all the bristles carefully for the best possible results.

4. After your brush is nicely coated, you have various options. You can repeat the previous process of rubbing off the excess oil and pigment until the brush is completely clean. This is an effective method that allows you to get to all of the places that are hard to reach. This process can be continued until all the pigments stop coming from the brushes.


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