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How to Use a Fan Brush For Painting?

How to Use a Fan Brush For Painting

There are lots of brushes are available in painting, Every Brush has its own priority and use. A fan brush depicts its name based on its looks, as you see a fan brush for the first time, you know why it is called this. It is a thin flat brush spread out in a semi-circle.

Like a hand-held paper fan with some gaps between its hairs. The hairs of a fan brush in this shape clench by the metal ferrule. Even when wet, the hairs remain in their original shape as spread out, and won’t come together to form a point or a line.

For blending colors, the fan brush is used by many artists. But the brush is extensively useful for mark-making. The types of marks you get in the paint with a fan brush based on whether it is one with coarse hair or with soft, and how much paint you have got on the brush to use. If your brush is too wide go for a haircut way.

Fan brush with a Haircut

A painting made with series of marks is predictable that is achieved by using a semi-circular shape fan brush. This kind of technique is evident in the result. You can also get wider solutions in the painting or whatever you want to paint.

Give a haircut to your brush is quite a simple way by bringing into play a pair of scissors or a craft knife. Cut off some of the hairs on the outer side, and you can also trim off another bit rather than cut less than more.

Dry brushing with a Fan Brush

The dry brushing technique can be brought off using a fan brush by applying a little paint on a brush for rough and loose texture. To get results from the dry brushing technique, take a dry brush and touch the few tips into the paint. In this way, the paint remains on the tips of the brush rather than sweep the complete brush.

It needs the practice to have an idea about how much is the paint is on your brush, but useless when starts. If you have on,y one fan brush and want to use another color in your painting, wash out the Brush and then press a paper towel gently around it to absorb as much moisture from the hairs as possible. When your brush gets dry enough continue dry brushing with another color.

Wet-on-Wet Painting with a Fan

Making grass, fur, or hair in the painting are the best results that can be achieved by using a technique known as wet-on-wet painting with a fan brush or also with a lot of fluid on The Brush gives different marks to dry brushing.

Try to experiment with your painting with the following methods:-

  • How much paint you have on your brush to do art
  • How wet or dry the brush and the paint is
  • How gently you press down your brush
  • Look at various lengths of strokes, from very short to very long


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