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How to Store Paint?

How to Store Paint.

Keeping leftover paint is essential for many reasons. You will sometimes need it to touch up your projects, and it can be reused on other projects as well. Various famous brands’ paint is made with high-quality that doesn’t dry up if stored in a proper way.

Here Are Some Tips for Storing Your Leftover Paint

Store it in a dry, cool place

Most people store their home improvement equipment in their garage or shed. This is a good place for various items, but not good for paints.

Extreme temperature changes can cause leftover paint to becomes useless. The best place to store your leftover paint is in your basement or in a cupboard. Darker, cooler, dryer areas work best to assure that the paint stays fresh and ready to use when required.

Transfer to small cans

The gallon buckets that paint comes in can be bulky and difficult to store, especially if you are working on many projects at a time. If they are not all the way full by the time you are done with them, they don’t need to take up extra space.

By transferring the leftover paint into smaller cans or jars, you will help maximize the amount of space they need. Mason jars are ideal because they are easy to find and even easier to store.

Clear jars allow you to see the color of the paint that’s inside of them, making it even simpler to organize and find when you require them.

Prevent air from getting into the can

If there is too much air inside of the can or jar you store your leftover paint in, it won’t last for the long term. A seal heaps ensure that this doesn’t become a problem.

There are few ways to attain this. Using a plastic wrap to create a seal between the paint and the lid, or storing the painting upside down so that it creates an airtight seal.

Using a smaller can is another good option. If you choose to use them can that comes in, do not use a hammer to put the lid back in place. This often winds up denting it, allowing air in across the edges.

Label your own cans

Even if you use mason jars or another clear container, the paint often looks different when wet than it dries. So if you need to touch up the job, it may be difficult to tell which paint to use by sight alone. It is helpful to label the cans with the name of the color, the brand of the paint, and what you used it for. 


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