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How To Start Painting?


Starting up your career or begin to do painting as a passion is the art of living. At the same time, it needs lots of dedication, practice, experience, and observation.

Painting is a kind of art that illustrates your imagination and inspires you to explore how you see the world, beautiful landscaping, adorable nature, or sometimes the truth of words that can be understood only by an artist.

Practicing visual artist, Rhonda Hodge shares some advice to help you to pick up a paintbrush for the first time.

Some Of The Useful Tips To Start Painting Are Mentioned Below:-

Firstly:- you need to know why you want to take up painting and what you want to get out of it. If you are doing painting as a hobby, in this case, you can take a more rest approach to how you learn.

But if you want to become an artist like Joaquin Sorolla or John Singer Sargent, in this case, you need to follow dedicated training that focuses only on drawing and fundamentals like color, composition, value, etc.

Secondly:- When you are a beginner starting up with Acrylic Paint is the easiest way to begin as it does not require any special supplies. But one drawback of acrylic paint is it dries very quickly gives different look on the canvas.

After seeing the drawback of acrylic paint, Oil Paint is the best choice to use for making up a beautiful painting. Even professionals prefer oil paints as they are versatile, varying in drying time, different consistency using thinners, and additional oil which gives you a various range of painting techniques such as glazing, blending and scumbling.

Next is the Watercolors which are usually used by the masters, as watercolors can produce amazingly elegant paintings.



Thirdly:-  stock up supplies of painting like an Easel to hold artwork, Canvas for acrylic or oil painters or paper for watercolor painters, a Palette for color mixing, brush as per your chosen medium, palette knives, solvent, paints, paper towels for wiping Brushes between strokes.

Begin as a beginner and reached up to artist level needs lots of practice for years and learn the fundamentals of art efficiently. It is necessary to learn the fundamentals of art such as value, color, composition, edges, brushwork, and technique.

At this stage, you know some Tricks about how to start doing the painting by yourself. So start doing your painting, review it, and try to improve gradually.

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