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How To Make Spray Painting?

spray painting

Spray painting is a kind of simpler painting that can be done without using a brush and liquid paint. By using spray paints you can decor your home by refurbishing your old items into the new trendy styles. But to do spray painting still, you need some knowledge and proper tools to protect your health as well as surfaces.


Some Of The Items Required To Do Spray Painting:-

  •  First of all spray paint is available in dozens of brands and hundreds of colors, so check the paint colors you need for your project to be done. You need some other stuff to complete your spray painting job, you will require:-
  • Spray paint in the color of your choice/taste
  • Primer
  • Newspaper, plastic trap to protect the ground, drop cloth, and other items around the item you are painting.
  • Painter’s tape
  • Disposable gloves, safety glasses, and a ventilator mask.


1. Now you have all the supplies but first on first if you want to do spray painting always do it outdoors because fumes from the paint can cause respiratory damage. Place newspaper, trap down, or drop cloth under your item.


2. Before start doing the painting, you need to clean the surface of your item. Paint would not stick to the item which is dusty, unclean, or greasy. Dry out the surface before you paint it.


3.  Next put on your protective gear which is a respiratory mask, safety glasses, and disposable gloves. Shake the can of premier for around three to four minutes before using it. Then, start spraying back and forth around the object you want to spray paint and apply an even coating of the premier to the whole object. After that, wait for the premier to dry completely.


4. Now shake the can well for about three to four minutes before getting started. Shake the can too little not too much. Do a spot test by checking it on a cardboard or on a scrap piece of wood. You will get an idea of how your spray paint is going to look.


5. Apply one coat over your whole project by slowly sweep the paint across the surface of your project from left to right to get an even coat. Keep your hands moving while doing the spray paint as you don’t want to concentrate too much paint on one area.


6. Most of the spray paint needs a minimum of 24 hours to get dry before you apply a second coat. When the first coat is dry properly then apply the second coat just to make sure you get an even look at your entire project and give the possible brightest color.


7. Now leave the item to get the second coat dry in a proper manner for around 24 hours. After that remove the tape you used to protect particular areas of your item.


8. You can apply a topcoat if you want but it is not necessary to apply the topcoat because you get the fine project complete with proper techniques. If you apply please let it dry for the next 24 hours to get good results.


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