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How to Make a Kakashi Drawing? Step By Step Drawing

How to Make a Kakashi Drawing

Nowadays video games have become so popular. And Kakashi has always been on the trend. 

Until just a year ago it was seen as a hobby for a small corner of people, but today video games exemplify one of the biggest entertainment agencies in the world.

Because of this current popularity, there are very limited video game characters that could have been seen as family games.

Kakashi is one of those limited characters that maximum people have at least heard of, however, and numerous of his fans like to know how to draw Kakashi.

If you’re a fan of Kakashi, then this how-to-draw tutorial will be the perfect tutorial for you!

Guide on how to draw a Kakashi

Read below the top 9 Simple Steps on how to draw a Kakashi. 

Step 1.  Draw a little curved L-shaped structure.

Step 2. Draw a half-curved circle 

Step 3. Make a straight line connecting both parts of the half circle

Step 4: Draw the ears and hair of the Kakashi.

Step 5. Draw two parallel strips on the head

Step 6.  Now draw the hands of the Kakashi 

Step 7. Now draw the collar of the Kakashi and draw a straight line on the centre part of the body 

Step 8. Draw small stars on the head strips 

Step 9. Colour the heart pink.

The bottom line

As we spoke of in the introduction to this tutorial on how to draw Kakashi, this is certainly one of the most popular personalities in video game history.

As long as you obey all of these steps you’ll be drawing Kakashi like an artist in very less time.

Then, you can have even extra fun as you add your colours and designs to the painting. You could do this by seeing more Mario or by adding more identities from the Kakashi games.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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