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How To Draw Tomato? Tamato Drawing In Simple 7 Steps

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How To Draw Tomato Drawing

Nature provides a variety of delectable fruits and vegetables for us to enjoy as delicious and nutritious meals and complements to other foods.

Tomatoes are one of the most important vegetables, and they may be consumed on sandwiches, burgers, salads, and even in beverages.

Although they are commonly called vegetables, they are technically fruits. It is undeniable that tomatoes are universally adored, and learning how to draw one can be entertaining!

This book will undoubtedly appeal if you enjoy these delicious and nutritious foods. We hope you enjoy following along with this 7-step tutorial on how to draw a tomato!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Tomato

Step 1:

Let’s begin this tutorial on how to draw a tomato with the fruit’s stem and leaves. You may create the stem by drawing closely spaced curving lines.

Step 2:

After drawing the stem and leaves, you can use broader rounded lines for the tomato’s left edge.

Step 3:

We won’t be drawing the right side just yet, but we will in the following few phases, so if you’re ready, let’s move on!

Step 4:

This side of the tomato will not reach the bottom, as we will soon draw a tomato segment in that area. You may add thick line detailing towards the tomato’s bottom edge to give it additional substance and gloss.

Step 5:

Complete the whole outline of the tomato as shown in the reference image to make it look realistic.

Step 6:

Now you’ve reached the interesting stage of your tomato artwork. For the exterior and interior of the tomato in our example image, we chose varied colors of green and red.

Fill green color on the leaves of the tomato to make it look realistic.

Step 7:

Finish your drawing of the tomato by filling juicy red color in the tomato as shown in the reference image.


The tomato is one of the world’s most famous and identifiable foods, and we hope you had fun drawing one with us in this tutorial!

It may appear straightforward to draw a well-known meal with a simple shape, but hurdles are involved in getting it right.

We hope our guide made it enjoyable and simple for you to complete while providing ample room to personalize and expand it.

We also have additional sketching tutorials on our website, including several traditional cuisines, well-known figures, and everyday objects, to mention a few.

Be sure to visit us frequently, as we frequently update the list!

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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