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How To Draw Tears: Easy And Simple 10 Steps To Draw Tears

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how to draw tears

There are several methods by which we express the feelings we are experiencing. When we are pleased, we grin or laugh, and when we are sad, we shed tears.

These emotions can be difficult to express on paper, making it potentially challenging to learn how to draw tears.

Although it may be challenging, it is achievable if you know what to do! Fortunately, you have found a guide that will accomplish precisely that.

This step-by-step guide on drawing tears will demonstrate how to express this without crying any tears of frustration!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Tears

Step 1:

Draw a curve eye shape with a pencil to make it look realistic.

Step 2:

Enclose the eye’s bottom section and connect it with the upper section of the eye.

Step 3:

Outline and shade the whole eye with a pencil to make it look beautiful and realistic.

Step 4:

Draw an eyelid outline with a circle shape as shown in the reference image.

Step 5:

Shade the eyelid with black pencil to make it look realistic and beautiful.

Step 6:

Draw the eyebrow above the eye to make it look realistic and beautiful.

Step 7:

Before we go on to coloring, we will add the finishing touches to your drawing to pull it together.

To add eyelashes, you can use short, thick lines descending from the eyes surrounding the falling tears. After you’ve drawn on your eyelashes, you’re almost finished!

Be careful to add any desired additional features to your drawing before proceeding. As seen in the figure for the following stage, you could add an eye to your tears design.

You may add additional facial features, such as a nose or a mouth, to give the tears context to the rest of the face.

Step 8:

Draw eyelashes in the bottom section of the eye as shown in the image.

Step 9:

In this phase of your tears sketching, you may start drawing with your pen! To begin depicting tears pouring out of the eye, draw some curved lines descending from the top of the eye.

Step 10:

Add some drops to the eye to make it look realistic.


It concludes this step-by-step tutorial on how to create tears! You should be quite pleased with yourself for finishing this tutorial and your artwork, and we hope you had a great time doing it!

We aimed to make this guide not only useful but also a lot of fun for you to use, so we hope we accomplished both objectives!

Drawing anything new might be difficult, but following these steps can simplify it. Now that you have completed this picture, you may continue to have fun by adding your touches!

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