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How to Draw Step By Step Monkey? 10+ Monkey Drawing Ideas

Monkeys are one of the most mischievous animals in nature, known for their mischief and acrobatic skills.

This natural behavior of theirs sometimes becomes a cause of trouble and sometimes it also becomes entertainment.

The behavior and expressions of monkeys are similar to humans, but they appear like animals, so nature has given them the name of animals.

Apart from knowing about this breed present in nature, you will also be eager to see it.

We will give you information about this breed through photographs and will also tell you that by taking care of what things you can make a beautiful picture of it.

Will try to draw a beautiful picture of a monkey step by step through 10 pictures

How to draw a monkey — Let’s start sketching!

Step- 1 draw the upper half circle

Draw an upper half circle in the center of the page that is on the top of the page which is the beginning of making a monkey’s mouth.

Step- 2 draw two upper-half circles inside the circle

A line was drawn moving half circle. Make two semi-circles by rotating two inside the circle.

Step – 3 draw a monkey face with an oval shape

Draw a recumbent oval touching the bottom of the drawn upper circle.

which will represent our monkey’s mouth.

Step  – 4  With the help of two straight lines make the neck of the monkey

Draw two equally spaced lines in the niche of the recumbent oval and draw the upper half circle from their niche.

Step – 5 draw the body of a monkey with an oval shape

Draw a vertical oval below the neck to represent the monkey’s body.

Step – 6 draw the monkey’s body parts

Draw two parallel curved lines outward from the top of the ellipse.

which will represent the hands of the monkey.

Similarly, draw two curved parallel lines at equal distances from the bottom of the oval. which will belong to monkey feet.

Step  – 7 make monkey fingers and ears.

Draw two vertical ovals on either side outside the circle for the eyes, which will represent the ears.

Draw zigzags on the ends of the drawn hands and legs.

Now make the toes of the monkey’s feet as shown in the picture.

Step – 8 make monkey fingers with the help of the pictures given below

to draw the fingers and palm of the monkey on the bottom of the drawn hands with the help of the pictures given above.

Step  – 9 draw monkey eyes

Draw two circles inside it and draw two more black circles leaving the white circle. Under it, make a nose in the middle and then make a smiley under it.

draw two curved lines inside the monkey’s ear.

Step – 10  Finish off your drawing with coloring in the monkey

Now that you have successfully reached the last step of this guide and have a cute monkey ready in front of you, it’s finally time for the fun task of coloring it in!

We have used some shades of brown for our monkey drawing, but for this step, you can use any colors you love or prefer to finish it off! This is your chance or you can say a golden opportunity to really showcase your creative skill and let your imagination wander wild!

There are also a variety of great art tools and mediums that you could use to complete and give a final touch-up to your monkey drawing!

I would prefer to use some acrylic or watercolor paints to bring this adorable creature to colorful life, but I know any colors and art mediums that you will choose will be amazing!

Conclusion —

We hope that with this easy step-by-step guide, you have learned how to draw a beautiful monkey easily and quickly.

Many such pictures are available on our website, seeing which you can make more colorful and beautiful drawings.

Visit our page and follow us on social media.

10+ Monkey Drawing Ideas For Beginners Artist


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10+ monkey drawing ideas

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