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How To Draw Step By Step Gorilla and 10+ Gorilla Drawing Ideas

Gorillas are land-dwelling great apes that live in tropical forests in central and east Africa.

They are popular for their distinctive physical features, comprising wide chests, wide shoulders, hairless faces, and human-like hands. While they primarily adhere to their vegetarian diet, they may also evolve an appetite for termites and ants.

Due to the gorillas’ muscular physique and fiery facial characteristics, they are among the top creatures that artists of all ages are interested in drawing.

To meet our readers’ needs, we have organized a step-by-step guide on how to draw a gorilla in a quick and easy post. This guide is summed up in 10 easy, understandable steps that are backed with visual illustrations.

The most exhilarating part about this guide is that it enables creative artists like you to further hone your artistic skills.

With this comprehensive step-by-step guide, you have total freedom to personalize your drawing and handpick the colors you will be utilizing. What’s additional, all you require is a piece of paper and a pencil and you’re all set to draw!

Do enjoy and unleash your inner creativity!

How to Draw a Gorilla – Let’s get started!

Step 1 — Begin with Drawing the top part of gorilla’s head

Beginning on the upper part of your sheet, draw a sideways oval shape to make the top part of the gorilla’s head.

To make sure that the gorilla will be drawn in the middle of your paper, make reference lines by drawing an intersecting horizontal and vertical line across your drawing sheet. 

You should draw the oval shape exactly where the vertical line is intersecting the horizontal line. 

Step 2 – Draw Basic Shapes to structure the Gorilla’s Head

Draw another sideways oval shape right below and coinciding the one we drew in the prior step.

The oval shape should be somewhat bigger than the prior one, as shown in the illustration.

Remember to not press down too forcefully with your pencil when outlining the rough sketch of the gorilla’s head. It’s vital to draw with light strokes so you can easily get rid of some parts of the outline you no longer require later on.

Step 3 – Remove unwanted lines to outline the Head of the Gorilla

Now, it’s time to fix up the outline of the gorilla’s head taking up the conjoined oval shapes as a guide.

To make clear the structure of the gorilla’s head, just erase the overlapping lines within the two shapes to unveil the finalized outline. This structures the inner contour of the head of the gorilla.

Step 4 – Now, Draw the Outer Outline of the Gorilla’s Head

In this step, we will draw another outline around the boundary of the previous one, tracing along the original shape to portray the outer figure of the gorilla’s head.

Once you’ve finalized this step, you should now have a double outline, as demonstrated in the illustration.

Step 5 – Next, structure the Gorilla’s Pair of Arms

After finishing the structure of the gorilla’s head, we will now be proceeding on to its arms. 

For this, draw curved lines right underside the head to shape a pair of arms. Remember that gorillas naturally have a brawny physique, so make sure to draw beefy arms.

Keep in mind to draw a rounded shape at the underneath of each arm for the gorilla’s hands!

Step 6 – Afterwards, Draw Patterns on the Gorilla’s Arms

Proceed by drawing connected zig-zag curved lines above each of the gorilla’s wrist to make furry texture on its arms.

This will assist you to make your drawing look realistic!

Step 7 – Now, Structure the Lower Body of the Gorilla

Once you are done with the upper body, let’s move forward to your gorilla’s lower body.

Begin with drawing a slightly upside down curved horizontal line in between its arms to outline the chest. Then, draw another line underside the one we just drew to form the belly of your gorilla.

Now, make two curved vertical lines bending towards the opposite directions to draw the observable portion of the gorilla’s legs.

Step 8 – Now, it’s time to draw a Pair of Ears on the Head of the Gorilla

Make rounded shapes on both sides of the gorilla’s head to form its ears. The ears of the gorilla should be drawn right beside the concave shape on both sides of its head.

Step 9 – Add the Facial Features to Finalize the Drawing

Now, we will make your gorilla look happy by making two oval shapes to form the eyes with a curved line right above each eye to make the eyebrows.

Then, add two small circles in the center of the gorilla’s face to create the nose. In the end, draw an elongated upward curved line to put a wide smile on the gorilla’s face.

And there you have an incredibly happy and adorable gorilla!

As you can notice, the gorilla drawing is completed at last. All it’s missing is a pinch of colors to give the gorilla a vibrant and colorful appearance.

Step 10 — Finish off your drawing by filling in colors

Now that we have successfully finished a gorilla drawing, it’s time for the most exciting part, which is picking your favorite colors and coloring in your adorable gorilla!

This is the time when you can showcase your artistic skills and your talent to mix and blend various colors.

Commonly, gorillas have black skin and the color of their hair coat varies from black and gray to red and brown.

You can choose to color your gorilla drawing in accordance with common standards or use a unique pack of colors. In both ways, we’re certain your drawing will turn out beautifully!

Have enjoyment playing with colors and watch as the gorilla eventually comes to life!

10+ Easy To Make gorilla Drawings Ideas

1.Cute gorilla

2.Simple gorilla drawing

3.Baby gorilla

4.Gorilla under the tree

5.Mighty gorilla

6. Old gorilla

7.Roaring gorilla

8. Confused gorilla

9. Anger gorilla

Conclusion —

We hope you enjoyed this step-by-step gorilla drawing guide. This guide is organized for beginners and experts correspondingly who want to understand how to draw a gorilla. 

With the help of this extensive guide, we’re sure you will be able to draw a gorilla in just a few minutes! This will completely be an enjoyable activity for anyone who adores drawing wild animals.

Check out our website Viralpainting for more such step-by-step drawing guides and tutorials.

Keep sketching and unleashing your creativity!

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