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How To Draw Step By Step Goat and 10+ Goat Drawing Ideas

The goat belongs to the animal brood known as Bovidae and the subfamily known as Caprinae, and that’s how it is closely related to the sheep.

There are over 300 species of goats, but they carry the same distinctive physical features, having upright ears, pointed horns, and short furry tails. 

The distinctive appearance of goats has developed a demand for a free step-by-step goat drawing tutorial.

In order to fulfill your wishes, we have curated a step-by-step guide on how to draw a goat, summed up in 10 easy and interesting steps.

Each step is supported by progressive examples to make the whole drawing process a lot more effortless for you to comprehend. You can pursue these steps whether you want to draw a realistic-looking goat or a comic one.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a novice or a specialist in drawing, with the help of this step-by-step guide you can successfully draw a goat in just a few minutes. 

Feel free to unleash your artistic skills and personalize the shades too to create a one-of-a-kind goat! So, what are you holding off on?

Get along and grab a piece of drawing sheet together with your favorite drawing tool and initiate drawing!

Have fun and unleash your inner creativity skill!

How to Draw a Goat – Let’s get started!

Step 1 — Draw the Outline of the head of the goat

Make a diagonal oval shape to outline the head of the goat.

Do not press down too hard with your pencil when drawing the outline. It’s significant to draw light strokes so you can easily get rid of some parts of the outline you no longer need later on.

Step 2 – Draw the Goat’s Head Along With a Pair of Ears

Draw an ear on each side of the head of the goat. Then, remove any line using an eraser that overlaps inside the ear to keep your drawing neat and tidy.

Step 3 – Next, draw the outline of the Body of the Goat

Design the body right underneath the goat’s head by drawing an elongated curved shape beginning at the bottom of its chin.

Needless to say, you can draw its body as thick or as thin as you like—It’s all up to your liking and preferences! After all, it’s your artwork!

Step 4 – Afterwards, Make the Goat’s Hind Legs

Now that we have finished off the drawing of the structure of the goat’s body, it’s time to work on its hind legs.

Draw a curved line fronting the goat’s bottom back. Then, draw two parallel lines with a diagonal line underneath. The lines should be directly linked to the goat’s lower body, ultimately creating a bended hind leg.

Make sure to erase any lines from the outline of the body that coincides inside the shape of the legs.

Step 5 – Make the Front Legs to Complete All Four Legs

Draw two parallel diagonal lines with a curved line underneath on each side of the goat’s upper body to make its front legs.

Afterwards, identical to the previous steps, erase the outline overlapping within the legs to ensure that your drawing is clean and flawless.

Step 6 – Then, Add a Tail on the Goat’s Bottom Back

One of the most distinctive features of a goat is its tiny furry tail, and that is exactly what we will be illustrating in this step.

To make a small fuzzy tail identical to the one shown in the illustration, simply draw a tiny uneven shape with multiple curves. The side-by-side curves build an illusion of the furry texture of the tail, making it look lifelike.

Step 7 – Add a Pair of Horns to the Goat’s Head

Draw two honed, pointed triangular shapes at the top of the goat’s head to shape its distinct pair of horns. Make sure to angle the horns in a way that makes it seem like it’s tilted backwards.

Step 8 – Now, Add Details and Patterns

Make your goat appear more lifelike by putting in various details and patterns all throughout its head and body.

Beginning from the top to the bottom, draw two parallel horizontal lines on each horn to make its distinct pattern. Then, draw a line right at the underside of each leg following its natural shape. This separates the goat’s toe and heel from its sole, and outlines its hooves.

Step 9 – Draw a Huge, sparkling Pair of Eyes

Give your goat a happy facial expression by creating two oval shapes to outline its pair of eyes. Then, draw two small circles within each eye. Shade the whole eyes except for the small circles inside to make the eyes appear like it’s gleaming.

Keep in mind that the right eye should be a little bigger than the left one since the goat is tilted sideways.

As you can notice, the goat drawing is finished. All it’s skipping is a splash of colors to make your goat eye-catching!

Now that we have successfully made a goat, it’s time for the most exciting part—choosing the shades and coloring your goat sketch!

The color of goats are fairly plain and simple as their base shades are only either black or tan. Their primary shades differ in terms of its saturation or hue, as well as the patterns or white spots that overlay them. That being said, a goat’s colors also vary.

Step 10 — Finishing off the drawing by filling in colors

You can opt to pursue these standard colors or pick an unusual set of colors. You can even utilize your favorite color if you want! It’s all up to you and your choices. After all, it’s your artwork. 

Here’s how you can create your goat drawing even better…

Draw this cute goat sketch even better with these fun and simple ideas!

We proceeded with a cute and easy design for this goat drawing, and while we adore the design you could try and bring in it more realism.

That would be an incredible way to put a different spin on the drawing!

If you like to try this, it would be highly advised to use a photo of a real goat. That would enable you to depict various elements such as the hooves, ears, fur and tail.

Or, you could go in a diverse direction and make the goat even more animated! What are some ways you could alter this design?

Goats are frequently found on farms surrounded by numerous other animals. These creatures would be a great addition to this drawing of a goat!

You could also add some more goats to the scene to give this one some companions. Or, you could add different creatures such as pigs, chickens or horses.

These are just some ideas that you could employ for this drawing, but what are some other creatures you could put into this scene?

Talking of a farm setting, you could also make a background for this goat sketch. A farm setting would be excellent, but you could also go for other backgrounds as per your preferences. 

Your Goat Drawing is Complete!

10+ Goat Drawing Ideas in 2023

1. Mom goat

2. Baby goat

3. Goat’s mouth

4. Hound goat

5. Tired goat


6. Long-horned goat

7. Cute goat baby

8. Confused goat


9. Lazy Goat

10. Simple goat


11. Dancing goat

12. Pretty goat

Conclusion —

We hope you enjoyed this step-by-step goat drawing guide. This guide is organized for beginners and experts alike who want to understand how to draw a goat.

With the help of this extensive guide, we’re sure you will be able to draw a goat in just a few minutes! This will completely be an enjoyable activity for anyone who adores drawing animals.

All of our drawing guides are 100% free for you to use as a learning source to assist you to draw different objects, animals, and even human beings!

We are frequently uploading brand-new drawing guides so make sure you keep checking back on our drawing catalog. What kind of creature would you want to learn how to draw next?

You can Let us know and we’ll do our best to make a drawing tutorial for it. We always strive to fulfill our precious readers’ wishes.

Check out our website for more such step-by-step drawing guides and tutorials.

Keep sketching and unleashing your creativity!


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