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How to Draw Skull Drawing In Simple 8 Steps

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How to Draw Skull

We are all familiar with the skull, which has appeared in numerous shapes. From horror films to biology classes to the reality that we all have one!

There is a particular allure to the skull, and a significant emblem in numerous cultures. It can imply danger, stay away, and is utilized in numerous ethnic celebrations worldwide.

Despite its widespread recognition, the skull may be a daunting subject to draw. If you wish to learn how to draw one, you have come to the appropriate location.

This easy-to-follow lesson on drawing a skull in only eight stages will have you sketching stunning skulls in no time!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Skull

Step 1:

In this stage, you should trace over your pencil oval with a pen, but just the portions outside the rectangle. Once you’ve completed the drawing, you can erase the pencil.

We are going to define the cheekbones. To do this, you can draw two undulating lines that mirror one another, as shown in the image.

Step 2:

The jaw will be added to your skull drawing in the next phase. This will extend from beneath the cheekbones into the form they have in the reference photograph.

Step 3:

In step 5 of this tutorial on how to draw a skull, the first eye socket will be added.

Step 4:

It involves drawing a mirror image of the left eye socket.

Step 5:

For the last embellishments of your skull drawing, we have one of the most challenging elements.

The teeth are more difficult to draw, but we can make it easier! I would use a pencil to draw a curving line that resembles a happy face to ensure that the teeth are evenly spaced.

Then, you can count the number of teeth in the reference image and use a pencil to draw curved lines onto the guideline you drew.

Step 6:

Outline the drawing with a black marker.

Step 7:

Once all teeth are drawn, you can add more outlines for the teeth’ details, as seen in the reference image.

Step 8:

Complete your skull drawing by filling colors according to your choice.


Now that you’ve colored in your skull drawing, you’re completed and should be quite proud of your fantastic artwork! We sincerely hope you found our lesson on how to draw a skull in eight simple stages to be useful and entertaining.

It may have felt like a daunting task when you learned how to draw a skull. However, it becomes far simpler when broken down into smaller, more manageable phases!

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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