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How to Draw Rain and Rain Acessories

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how to draw rain

Drawing is a part of sketching and sketching is a part of drawing. Both terms are interconnected with each other. When we talk about drawing, we can’t forget about colors as it makes drawing more engaging and fasinating.

Colors can be in any variety like sketch pens, painting colors, crayons, pencil colors, and so on. For sketching you can use black or colorful pencil colors. In todays’ blog we are going to learn in some simple steps.


Step 1:-

In this first step, with the help of pointed marker draw a cloud on a paper. Then draw 4-6 rain drops below the cloud as rain is falling from the cloud.

Step 2:-

Now at this stage, leaving some distance from the rain and cloud draw a wavy line with the use of pointed marker.


Now draw a semicircle starting from the left side and end towards the right side of the wavy line. Then draw some curvy lines from each end of the wavy line to give it a design of umbrella. After that draw a small straight line at the top and middle of the semicircle.

Step 4:-

At this step, fill out the umbrella by color the first, third, and last(fifth) section of the umbrella. Also make a stick of the umbrella which should be at same position as the top centered line.

Step 5:-

Now, make a handle of the umbrella as well which has three line in it. After that draw two rainboots by leaving some distance from the umbrella and its stick. Draw both the rainboots adjacent to each other with a line at the base.

Then draw a dome shape which is sharp at the top. Also draw a circle in the dome shape.

Step 6:-

At this stage, make two eyes, hairs, and a cute smile in the circle. Then start a line from the end of the dome shape on the left hand side first. Also draw a size of line at the right side of the dome. After that draw small line with the continue line towards inside on both left and right side.

Step 7:-

In this step, draw two long lines one at the left and other on the right side, also begin near by the end of the dome shape. Then join the long lines with a straight line. After that draw small opposite semicircle at the end of arms of the little girl.

Step 8:-

In this last step, make four small circles in the center of the girl’s dress. Then draw her legs and rainboots she is wearing. It should be draw not on the same width of the girl’s dress.

Our sketching of drawing a rain including cloud, a girl, and an umbrella is complete. 


When we heard about word drawing, our brain straight away thinks that it’s an activity of kids. Instead it is not true as drawing can be done by anyone at any age. Basically sketching or drawing is really an interesting and skilful activity that keeps you busy the whole day. 

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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