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How To Draw Pigeon Drawing: Easy And Simple 6 Steps To Draw Pigeon Drawing

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How To Draw Pigeon Drawing

There are several species of birds around the globe. Some are extremely uncommon and unlikely to be encountered in everyday life.

Others may be more prevalent, so prevalent as to be taken for granted. The gentle pigeon is a bird that many of us encounter daily, and while we may not give them much thought, they are incredibly beautiful.

For this reason, learning how to draw a pigeon can be enjoyable. This is the best place to be if you want to learn how to do it. We hope you enjoy collaborating with us on this guide on drawing a pigeon!

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Pigeon Drawing

Step 1:

To begin this lesson on how to draw a pigeon, we will begin by drawing the bird’s head and neck. To design its outline, we shall utilize curved and rounded lines.

Step 2:

Now, start drawing another feather of a pigeon as shown in the reference image.

Step 3:

Complete the feather of the pigeon we started in step 2.

Step 4:

Start drawing the pigeon’s last and third feathers to make it look realistic.

Step 5:

Complete the 3rd feather as shown in the reference image. The pigeon’s beak can be redrawn with more straight lines.

The tip of the beak will also have a tiny spherical shape. Draw a leaf that seems like a pigeon is eating it with its beak.


Step 6:

Pigeons are known to have a more subdued color palette, so we chose a similar palette for our sample image. Fill green color in the leaf and yellow color in the pigeon’s beak to make it look realistic.


You have completed all six steps of this lesson on drawing a pigeon, and the resulting drawing is fantastic!

We hope our guidance makes the process simpler and more enjoyable for you. This lesson was meant to serve as a guide, but you can now add your details and elements.

We suggested a few possibilities, such as creating a background or adding more pigeon companions, so have fun, be imaginative, and see what happens!

This is by no means the only guide we have planned for you! Our website contains dozens and dozens of fantastic drawing guides; make sure to come back frequently, as we frequently publish new ones.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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