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How to Draw Pants Ideas | Step By Step Pants Drawing

How to Draw Pants Ideas

Pants, trousers, skinny jeans, or slacks are all names that refer to lower body clothes that are “split into parts to cover each leg individually.”

Several ancient equestrian peoples used such bifurcated robes. They were referred to as breeches, knickerbockers, or pantaloons throughout Europe.

In noble houses, young boys wore shorts till they were “breeched,” or first clad in pants. It was often associated with children, but at least one prince continued to wear gowns into his forties.

For thousands of years, women in several societies have worn various trousers. However, this form of attire was designated for males in the Western world. Attempts to introduce women’s trousers – bloomers worn beneath shorter gowns – were rejected during the 1800s.

Later on, women were permitted to wear trousers while participating in some sports. In the first and second World wars, women were required to wear pants when performing tasks normally performed by males. Pants became acceptable for women in pleasure and corporate contexts rather quickly.

Blue jeans, also referred to as denim or dungarees, continue to be one of the most popular styles of pants. In the early nineteenth century, they were created in the United States to serve as rugged labor garments. They have been an enduring fashion icon to this day.

Are you interested in drawing cartoon pants? This simple, step-by-step lesson on creating cartoon clothes will show you how. You will require a pencil, an eraser, and a piece of paper.

Step By Step Guide On How to Draw Pants

Step 1: To begin, let’s try drawing pants from the frontal view. Begin by drawing a long, curving line that encompasses three sides of a small horizontal rectangle. This makes the waistband.

Step 2: Extend a curved line towards the center from one side of the waistband to draw a belt. Reverse it, generating rectangular corners in the procedure. Complete this rounded square by drawing a vertical line. Then, extend a set of curved lines to meet the square from the other side.

Step 3: After that, outline the legs. Extend long curving lines from the waistband on the left side. At the bottom of this, draw a curving line. Extend curved lines from these to a point. Make a curved line and an “L” shaped line above this location. This is what the fly or zipper of the pants is made of.

Step 4: Then outline the right leg as we did on the left leg in the previous step.

Step 5: Extend all pending lines and give the pent a perfect shape to make it look realistic. To show the pockets, draw a curved line on the left side and right side from the waistline to the side of the pants and garnish it with dots.

Step 6: Draw two curved lines between the legs of the pant to make it look realistic.

Step 7: You may complete this final step of your pants drawing by coloring it in! We selected a sandy brown shade in our reference photograph to emphasize that these trousers are fashionable.

This does not mean you must use these exact colors; you may use any colors to make your unique pants pattern.

However, selecting colors is only half of the problem; you may also produce some color complexity by choosing the painting materials.

Step 8: Add the sandy brown shade or color you pick for your drawing on the belt and pockets.

How to Draw Pants Step By Step Video


This concludes our tutorial on drawing pants, and we hope you liked working with us on it!

This guide was created to demonstrate that drawing these pants can be enjoyable and simple while also allowing you to add your finishing touches and ideas.

We’re excited to see how you complete it!  We have several other incredible drawing guides similar to this one on our website for your enjoyment. Many guides will be released very soon, so check back frequently!

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