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How To Draw Octopus Drawing: Easy And Simple 8 Steps To Draw Octopus

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How To Draw Octopus Drawing

There are numerous bizarre and fascinating species in our world. The octopus is a perfect example of a creature that resembles extraterrestrials.

Numerous types of octopuses contribute to their otherworldly appearances. Due to their distinctive appearance, octopuses have become fairly famous, and many people desire to learn how to draw one.

This step-by-step lesson will have you drawing one of these fanged marvels in no time!

Step By Step Guide On How Draw Octopus

Step 1:

We will begin this tutorial on how to draw an octopus by drawing its large, round head. You can create a rounded, curving line for the top of the head, as seen in the example image.

Step 2:

Tentacles are one of the most distinctive features of an octopus, so we will begin drawing them in the next few sections of your octopus drawing.

Step 3:

Complete all octopus tentacles as shown in the reference image to make it look realistic.

Step 4:

You understand what to do for this section! To complete this step of your octopus drawing, add two additional tentacles like you have been doing previously.

Step 5:

Only one tentacle remains in this instruction on how to draw an octopus! This final tentacle can be drawn into the area left on the right side of the head.

Step 6:

Now, draw the eyes of the octopus to make it look realistic.

Step 7:

You can create a second oval for the mouth, followed by additional lines for added detail.

Step 8:

Coloring may bring your octopus drawing to life as the final step in its creation. We add pink color to our drawing.

An octopus may be found in a variety of stunning hues, giving you numerous coloring alternatives.

Did you know that some octopi can change color to conceal themselves in their environment? This is an image where your imagination should go free.


You have successfully finished all eight steps of our octopus drawing instruction! It may have appeared to be a difficult image to draw, but we hope this instruction has demonstrated to you it’s easier than you imagined.

It is often simpler to draw when you have a guide to follow, so hopefully, you found this guide not only useful but also enjoyable to use. We’ve provided you with a guide, but now it’s up to you to demonstrate your creativity!

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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