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How To Draw Mushrooms: Simple And Easy Tutorial

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how to draw a mushroom

Fungi, known as mushrooms, exist in various forms, sizes, and colors. Depending on their nature, they may be extremely beneficial or deadly due to their various advantages and protection systems.

Depending on the kind, certain mushrooms can enhance the flavor of a stew while others are deadly to both people and animals.

With so many hues to choose from, it’s little wonder they’re so popular as a set piece for fairy tale scenarios and forest critters.

Using this step-by-step mushroom drawing tutorial, you’ll be able to quickly and effortlessly create your stunning mushrooms.

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Mushrooms

Step 1:

This portion of your mushroom design will consist of a stalk. The stalk of our guide begins thin at the top and becomes thicker as it descends, but you may make it thinner or thicker if you like.

This mushroom is also fairly tall, so you could make it shorter if you wish. We will use two curved lines descending from the space you created for this instruction.

Step 2:

Draw an oval shape around the mushroom’s stalk, as shown in the reference image.

Step 3:

Probably the first thing you’ll notice about a mushroom is its cap, often known as its top.

It is the first portion you see; thus, it will be the first part we draw in this first phase of our mushroom drawing tutorial.

For this phase, it would be beneficial to refer closely to the reference image while sketching.

When sketching something like a mushroom, it is easy to make it appear too flat or excessively bulbous; nevertheless, by referring to the image, you may get it to appear appropriately proportioned.

Leave a space at the bottom for the stalk you will design shortly! This form might be tough, so don’t be scared to sketch it with a pencil and trace it with a pen once you’re satisfied with its appearance.

Step 4:

Mushrooms are frequently adorned with elaborate designs and come in various vibrant, gorgeous hues.

In this stage, we will begin to add patterns to your mushroom illustration. It is a phase where you can be creative and is not required to adhere to the instructions strictly.

You might adjust the location of the shapes or even replace them with others! How do you see embellishing the cap of your mushroom?

Step 5:

This next step of our tutorial on drawing a mushroom focuses on the last touches before going on to the seventh and final step.

We’ve shown you some elements that will help bring your mushroom to life, like lines on the stem and several thin lines inside the cap.

These lines represent the mushroom’s gills and are an excellent finishing touch. We would provide this information, but feel free to add your own!

You might be imaginative and design a background for your mushroom painting, or you could include a humorous element such as a gnome dozing below it.

Step 6:

Draw curve lines inside the cap as shown in the reference image.

Step 7:

Draw a cute short mushroom on the right side to make it look beautiful and realistic.

Step 8:

Also, draw another mushroom on the left side, as shown in the reference image below.

Step 9:

In the following step, we will add a foundation to your mushroom drawing. Using a few strongly curved lines, you can quickly construct a grassy foundation for your mushroom-like in our example.

Although this is a viable alternative, there are others from which you can select. For instance, you might make the lines ragged to make the grassy base appear even more untamed.

You might make it more of a flat soil base with a straighter line, and there are other possibilities!

Step 10:

Mushrooms may be found in various color schemes, giving you great creative choice when coloring your artwork.

Mushrooms with brilliant, colorful colors are typically deadly, but those with subdued hues are safe to consume.

Now you may choose the type of mushroom you wish to make. Will you utilize bold colors and materials, such as acrylic paints and colored inks, to create a spectacular, dangerous mushroom?

Or will you use subdued colors and techniques like watercolors and colored pencils to create a mushroom that would be at home in a stew?

There are so many opportunities for you to be inventive, and we cannot wait to see what you come up with! We used red, green, and brown colors in our mushroom drawing.


Your mushroom is entirely drawn and attractively colored, which means you have concluded our mushroom drawing instruction!

We sincerely hope that going through this instruction was a lot of fun for you and helped make sketching a mushroom simple.

Now it’s up to you to demonstrate your artistic ability with your drawing. You may do it in various ways, from the colors and materials you use to the incredible background components you incorporate.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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