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How To Draw Megalodon: Simple And Easy Tutorial

How To Draw Megalodon

Our Earth is teeming with stunning huge and little predators. The enormous megalodon is one of the deadly monsters that fell extinct eons ago, although many still roam the world.

This enormous shark was one of the greatest predators ever to stalk the Earth, and it has captivated the minds of several individuals.

Drawing a megalodon is an excellent method to picture how these sharks may have appeared, as we only have a vague concept of what they may have looked like.

Drawing animals might be difficult, but here is the method to follow if you want to simplify the process!

This step-by-step lesson on drawing a megalodon will teach you how to construct this awe-inspiring shark without leaving you stranded in the ocean.

Step By Step Guide On How To Draw Megalodon

Step 1:

In this first phase of our lesson on how to draw a megalodon, we will begin by drawing the shark’s head outline. First, draw a slightly curved horizontal line for the top of the head.

Then, you may begin the rear of the megalodon with another identical line that is a little longer. But what would a shark be without its renowned fin?

It will also be included in this phase. You may draw a curving line with a point at the top for the fin.

Once you have created these lines as they appear in the accompanying reference image, you may proceed to step 2!

Step 2:

In this phase of your megalodon design, you will continue the lines begun in the previous step.

Just draw a second gently curved line back from the fin, with a very short pointed extension at its end.

Then, you will expand it at the end of this line in a steep upward curve. This will become the initial edge of the tailfin, which will be completed shortly.

Step 3:

The megalodon was terrifying due to its enormous jaws containing razor-sharp teeth. In this phase of our instruction on how to draw a megalodon, we will be drawing this and another tailfin.

First, complete the tailfin line that was started in step 2. Draw a line with an almost boomerang-like curve descending from the top of the tailfin.

Then it is time to begin sketching the shark’s face. Begin by drawing a line slightly diagonally downward from the headline.

Then, you may design the mouth as it appears in the reference image, or you can make the lips a bit wider open if you want. Finally, add a little dot for the nose and a larger one for the side-eye.

Step 4:

There’s a lot to cover in this section of your megalodon drawing, so follow the illustration carefully and closely!

You might begin by sketching the shark’s huge pectoral fins. Then, you will draw a curving line for the shark’s belly, beginning at the bottom of the face and extending behind the fins to the bottom of the tail.

This line will also have a few short, pointed forms extending downwards from its back end.

After creating the huge gills, you may add line details throughout the body to complete this phase. Then you only need to add a few finishing touches to this drawing before coloring it!

Step 5:

Now, draw the facial details of the megalodon. Draw eyes and teeth of megalodon as shown in the reference image.

Step 6:

The sixth step of your megalodon design will be to add some fantastic colors to complete the illustration.

We selected blues in our reference image to give the shark a more subdued appearance.

Scientists can only conjecture what these enormous beasts may have seemed like, so here is your opportunity to illustrate what colors you believe they may have had!

You may also experiment with other creative media and techniques to give this image some lively appearances. We cannot wait to see your choice! Start filling sky blue color in the mouth of megalodon.

Step 7:

Start filling another shade of blue color in the megalodon’s body.

Step 8:

Complete your drawing of the megalodon by filling blue color in the whole body of the megalodon.

Step By Step Megalodon Drawing Video Tutorial


You have successfully finished all eight steps of this instruction on drawing a megalodon, resulting in a deadly ancient predator!

This artwork has several intricate features, so we hope that breaking it down into fewer parts made it easier for you to complete.

Now you may show us all the great details you would add to this image using your imagination.

Whether you alter the shark’s appearance or build a unique background, there are several possibilities to personalize this image.

List Of Equipment Used For This Drawing

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